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How much and how can you earn money in Splinterlands?

Welcome to this post, where we are going to look at how much and how you can earn playing splinterlands in detail.

We are going to first cover the different ways this game has to get rewards that can later be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and real money, and how much you can expect to earn so you have all the information before you start playing.

The game has different tokens that you will get as rewards. The main one and the one you are going to get most of the time is dark energy crystals (DEC). The other token that you can get is the splinterlands SPS token which is found in different networks. Finally, you can also get cards or envelopes that you can sell in the Marketplace and get DEC or game credits.

How you can earn

It is important to note that, to start playing, we will have to buy the spellbook that will give us many advantages and you will be very limited if you do not buy it. It is only 10$ that you will have to pay once and you will have it forever. So everything that we will now see involves having a spellbook, in addition to the calculations that we will also discuss later on how much you can expect to earn.

The first way we will get DEC is through fights. Every day we will be able to do a number of fights, and by doing them and winning we will get DEC every day. We will be able to do daily missions and we will also get an amount of DEC by completing them.

They have added the airdrops, which consists of rewards that we will get when we play, but this time in the token of the SPS platform. This token can be withdrawn to our wallet and the binance Smart chain to sell it if we want it on platforms such as pancakeswap.

Finally, we find the end of season rewards. Here, depending on the rank you get, you will have a greater amount of DEC that you will receive. In addition to cards and card packs to open when the season ends. Usually the seasons have a duration of one month.

Another way that we can generate some benefits if we are good, is buying and selling cards or trading with them. Although we have separated this one, as it is a more complex way and you can earn as well as lose money doing it. And it is not a sure thing, as it happens with the other forms if you just play. In this case, if you are good at understanding the mechanics of the game and which cards are better than others, you will be able to find cards that are at a lower price than they should be, and buy them and then sell them at a higher price. Although you have to know well the price of the cards and which ones are better and more used to avoid losing money doing this.

How much you can earn

Let’s see 3 examples, with 10$, 100$ and 1.000$ of investment in splinterlands to see the differences, since the return on investment is not linear and depending on the amount you invest can vary a lot.

Mention that there are several factors that can affect these estimates, mainly the price of DEC, which is the reward that we will get in more occasions. In addition to the amount you get, if the splinerlands team decides to reduce it.

Still, splinterlands is a pretty stable game, and very different from what we have been seeing in the world of play to earn games. Where games one week you get double what you’ve invested, and the next week what you’ve earned is worthless, with huge price fluctuations. Splinterlands is the opposite, and focuses more on being a fun game, beyond being able to get some profit for playing. But you won’t find these great returns that you can see in other games, where in two weeks you already recover your investment. On the other hand, you will not see what you have placed go to 0 in a few days.

To see the different returns, we will consider the following. In the case of investing $10, we only buy the spellbook. With the investment of 100$, we buy the spellbook and silver cards level 3, and with the investment of 1.000$, we buy the spellbook and gold cards level 3. Both returns require 1 hour of playing each day only.

Below, you can see the tokens you will get in a breakdown. Thanks for the information and the Excel to Luke Plays to Earn for providing this great information. You can find the Excel to see it in a more detailed way here.

As you can see, the returns are high with little capital, but with more capital it would take you a long time to recover your investment. This is because it is a game that gives little reward in relation to its value with $. Therefore, those who invest little are benefited, and those who invest a lot do not really see a big increase in their daily earnings. The main difference when investing more capital, as might be the case with $1,000, is that you have better cards and therefore should get a better rank playing.

Also mention, that weeks is the time it takes to recover, but you will always have the cards and you can sell them. So, in the case of the $1,000, after 83.5 weeks, you would have $1,000 plus the value of the cards equivalent to $1,000, if the prices remain the same.

It is a game focused on people who like this type of card format and enjoy, and not so much the typical game that you can win a lot in a month. This is not to say that in the future we may see your token be worth more, higher airdrops for players or that they will improve the rewards for higher ranks and the ROI will be faster for people who invest more. At the moment, it has a greater focus on being a good card game with different mechanics, and not so much on the play to earn feature that generates a lot and ends up being not very sustainable as we have seen with other games.

I hope it has helped you to know how you can earn money playing splinterlands and what you can expect to get. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

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