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How to learn about cryptocurrencies

Welcome to our website, Blockchain is where you can find many resources to learn and train yourself in relation to the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, such as tutorials on how the main platforms work and how to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies of the moment.

If you are looking for information about a platform or a cryptocurrency, do not hesitate to search our website, either through the search engine that you can find in the menu above, or in the different categories where you can find it.

If you want to learn about a specific aspect, I leave you with the main categories that you can find on our website.

Crypto Games

Cryptocurrency Tutorial

Before investing your money, it is very important to educate yourself and know what you are going to invest your money in. Therefore, training and information in the world of cryptocurrencies is very important. Whether to invest or to use certain tools. Since it is increasingly simple to use DEFI platforms, but if you are new, at the beginning it may seem complicated to use aspects such as a wallet, or a DEFI Exchange.

Therefore, on our page, we go over both more basic aspects of how to get started in DEFI, as well as platforms with more complexity for users to use and understand how they work. Also, you will be able to find information about different aspects, such as DEFI, about cryptocurrencies only or about the technology behind it all, Blockchain.


Something very important are the resources you can have to learn and have information about cryptocurrency prices, or market capitalization, among a lot of other information. So let’s take a look at the best resources to keep up to date with everything that happens:

  • Coinmarketcap or Coingecko: Ideal platform to have information on the evolution of prices and all the information of a particular cryptocurrency, either its website, social networks or whitepaper. Both coingecko and coinmarketcap have a very similar operation and are essential resources and tools to keep abreast of everything, market movements and prices in real time.
  • Dappradar: Platform with information on DEFI platforms, where you can see users, investment on the platform and all kinds of very useful analytics. This time on platforms, instead of cryptocurrencies. You can find a lot of information about NFT projects, crypto games with users, or DEFI exchanges and farming and staking platforms. Great utility to see if the platform you want to use has users and how reliable it can be.
  • Cointelegraph: The main news media, to know new news in any aspect that may affect the cryptocurrency market. Be it bans in some countries, regulations, or cases of cryptocurrency theft. Cointelegraph is the medium to go when you want to know what has happened in the crypto market in the last day, and know at all times new news that may affect the market.
  • Poocoin: Poocoin is ideal for viewing charts and prices of cryptocurrencies that are very small and not found on coingecko or coinmarketcap. To use it, you will have to paste the contract of the cryptocurrency, which you usually see on its official website or the project’s twitter.
  • Explorers: Explorers are a very useful tool to see any transaction that has been made on the blockchain. It can be complex at the beginning and if you are new, but once you start to understand how it works and how to find the information, you can find all the transactions you have made with your wallet and see what has happened in case you have any error or problem with your wallet. Each blockchain or network has its own explorer, such as etherscan in ethereum, or bscan in the binance Smart chain.
  • Twitter: Although it is not an exclusive resource for the crypto world, it is a very useful tool to learn about new projects, news and opinions of people who have been in this market for a long time and have a lot of knowledge. Twitter you can find very useful information if you follow the right people.

You can find many other resources that can help you learn about this world and this sector, such as youtube videos or communities on telegram or discord, but the resources mentioned are the ones that particularly have more use for me, and you can find a lot of information. Some of the resources can be a bit more advanced for totally new people, and I recommend you to start using the simplest resources for beginners.

Other ways

One of the best ways to learn something is to see for yourself how it works. Although this is not possible in all cases, for example, if you want to learn about blockchain or a particular cryptocurrency, it is possible in other aspects.

If you want to learn about how DEFI works, crypto games or some cryptocurrencies that have a real use, you can experiment yourself how they work and it is one of the best ways to learn. Some examples where you can start and where many have started is by using a metamask wallet, and the binance Smart chain, as it is a very cheap network with many platforms to try.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money, as you can simply look at different platforms and interact with $50 or less in your wallet, if you are afraid of losing your money. Although each blockchain works differently and you have to use different wallets in some cases like terra’s network, once you have used a wallet and a network, the vast majority are very similar in operation and you will be able to understand how they work much faster.

If you want to start learning in DEFI, you can find in our page a beginners guide in metamask, and I recommend you to start with the binance Smart chain and using pancakeswap, the most used platform of this network.