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How to Get Started in Splinterlands From 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see a beginner’s guide to splinterlands so that you know everything that is necessary before you start playing.

We will focus on the aspects that I would have liked to know before starting and would have made my learning much faster and interest in the game. Also, it is a game with an economy unlike any other, being on a blockchain and being able to exchange any aspect of the game for real money.

It is important to know that it is a slow game, in the sense that, unlike other games, it may seem that you do not win much or that it gives little money, since it is a progressive game, and that it does not focus so much on giving benefits to new players, since, in this way, you only make new players create new accounts for the bonuses for starting.

The game is on the Hive blockchain, but you can use your metamask wallet to log in and start playing. If you don’t have an account with splinterlands yet, you can create one below to get extra rewards or here.

Platform: Splinterlands
Starts at: 1$
Network: HIVE

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How to earn money

The great popularity of crypto games comes in large part from the fact that you can earn money by playing. And so, let’s start with the 3 ways this game allows you to earn money by playing.

The first way is by fighting and winning dark energy crystals. At the top right you can see the amount of dark energy crystals you have, in my case I have 8,500 crystals, and I didn’t get them all by fighting, but I got most of them. The thing is, with these crystals, they are not worth much. It’s $0.03 per crystal, and you don’t get that many crystals at the lower levels, like novice or bronze, so you have to level up to be able to start earning a decent amount in leagues like gold, diamond or more. And so you can get a decent amount to make it worth playing. This is the first way, winning fights and getting dark energy crystals.

The second way is doing the daily quests and getting loot chests. Although to be able to do them, you have to pay around 10$ once to activate the daily quests. In the main menu in the middle right, you can see how it says sneak quest, and if you have completed it, how much is left to do the daily quest again and get the rewards. It resets every 24 hours and what you get are these loot chests, which vary greatly in price. You have a 33% chance of getting a potion, 33% chance of getting a card, 33% chance of getting a quantity of dark energy crystals, and 1% chance of getting a booster pack or a card pack. And all these rewards can be sold in the Marketplace right at the moment you get them for dark energy crystals and exchange the crystals for any crypto.

You can get one of these every day, but it’s not always going to be easy to fulfill the daily mission. But with what we will see later, you will be able to perform the daily mission easily with the tips we will see at the end of how to play.

The third is getting loot chests at the end of each season. In the main menu, at the top left you will see a counter that says season ends in and pending rewards with the rewards that will be given once the season is over. If you click on leagues, you will see the different ranks, and if for example, you are bronze, you will receive 9 loot chests. But if you have a higher rank like silver or gold, you will be able to get many more loot chests at the end of each season. For example, gold III with 22, gold II with 26 or gold I with 30 loot chests.

The season ends every 15 days, you can get many chests in a month, if you are in a good league. And if you are lucky, get a booster pack or some rare and good card for the game in the chest.

These are the main ways in which you can get money playing splinterlands.

How to get started

When you start, you will receive a lot of free cards to start playing. In cards you can find all the cards you have available just by starting. You can win fights, especially with the fire cards, but you can rent some cards and pass very quickly the first leagues like novice and bronze, because you have better cards than the ones that come at the beginning.

You can rent cards for less than a dollar, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to start climbing leagues. If we go to market or market, and you can buy the cards you see. This allows you to use much more powerful cards paying a very low price, that sometimes you do not even realize, and climb much faster in rank. There are cards that you can rent for 0.0004$ per day, so you will not even realize that you are paying to use it because of how cheap it is.

Above all, when you start get well informed and rent cards, as I have managed and other people paying 1-2$ a month, reach ranks like gold and more with only 1-2$ a month for renting that deck of cards. As you can see, it works out much cheaper than buying cards, and you can start earning really high rewards.

Platform: Splinterlands
Starts at: 1$
Network: HIVE

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Cards to rent when you start

Now go to card rentals, and click on level 1 and earth or earth and summoners.

The one you want to get or use if he’s still around, is Mylor Crowling, with 75. You want him because he has a thorns ability. Which, what it does is it does two damage to every melee character that hits any of your cards. So, a very good strategy is to use Mylor and tank characters to win fights.

The second thing you want to do once you have Mylor, is to go to monsters, and get the Wood nymph card, which has a very cheap cost to borrow. It has the ability to heal the first monster, so we will place a monster in the first position that has a lot of life. Every time it is hit, the enemy will be hit by the thorns, and when it has low life, we will cast Wood nymph to heal our monster.

Another good card to start with is mushroom seer, to reduce the opponents’ magic attack. Since thorns will finish off the melee, and with this card, you can weaken your opponent’s mages.

Another card that many people hate, but is very good, is the furious chicken, which costs no mana to use. Because right at thorns this card can attack, and it acts as a shield.

Buy cards instead of packs

Buying packs can be a lot of fun, but it’s not the smartest thing to do when you start, since you don’t know what cards you’re going to get. Although it can be very entertaining to open packs and pray to get lucky and get a very good card, the reality is that it is complicated, and many times, it is much more worthwhile to buy specific cards to create your deck.

Although nowadays the price of the pack and what you get is usually very similar, so you can even make money by selling all the cards you receive, you are not always going to get the cards you need. And this, if you are on a budget or a small amount you want to invest, the smartest thing to do is to go for the cards you want in the Card Marketplace.

Focus on Summoners or Summoners

A big part of the game revolves around the summoners you can have to play with. Having a good summoner can help you much more than cards to climb the first ranks such as novice and bronze. Also, you will need to level up your summoners to be able to level up your monsters.

At first I didn’t know why I couldn’t use the high level cards, and it was because I didn’t have the high level summoner that allows you to use the abilities of these cards. So concentrate on leveling up the summoners that you think are better, as they will allow you to use more powerful cards and rank up more.

Always use potions

At first you may not appreciate how good potions are and you may think they are not worth it, but they are a very useful tool in the game that I recommend you use.

Potions increase your ratio for gold and legendary cards.  And they are worth the money they actually cost. Whenever you can buy potions, or use them if you got them from bounties. So make sure you have potions when you go to open any pack.

 I hope this has helped you to learn more about how to get started and the most important aspects of splinterlands. Remember, if you don’t have an account with Binance or splinterlands, you can create one just below.

Platform: Splinterlands
Starts at: 1$
Network: HIVE

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Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

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