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Best cards for beginners in Splinterlands

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see one of the best card combinations to start with. With this deck of cards, you will have no complications to pass the first leagues without much complication.

Keep in mind that the cards change every season, so check that the cards we will see are still useful and easy to obtain to create your first deck. We will focus on fire type cards, because it is one of the best combinations, although there are also good decks of other elements.


Fire cards are quite strong and with little investment you can have a very competitive deck. You can see the cards just below.

Some of the cards that make the most difference, uraeus and eleven cutthroat, besides being quite economical and really make a difference. It seems that in bronze each splinter has a few pretty good cards. Also, the neutral cards give you a lot of different options and combinations.

In bronze you won’t find many counters, which will make it easier to win with this combination of cards many times. Since these cards are difficult to counter until more advanced leagues, where players already have better cards. Many of the neutral cards are useful because they do not have a high mana cost, and are useful. Another option is sand worm, which is very good and quite cheap.

The best hero you can use with this combination is Tarsa. Since it gives you that +1 attack bonus, so as you can see, in this deck they all have +1 attack, and with tarsa you double their attack damage. Which makes a big difference with this combination.

The tusk the wide card may not seem obvious to use, and many players use living lava in its position, or other good tank options. The advantage tusk presents is the ability to get ahead against magic teams. By having the void to defend against magic teams. That’s why it’s good to use tusk instead of living lava, which, against good magic teams, you may encounter some problems. With basic Magic cards you won’t have any problems, although with teams with improved cards, when you go with basic cards you will start to suffer more.


There is a very specific order to place your cards in each combat. Although it is personal, it is an order that can work very well for you. As you can see below.

Placing uraeus to the right side of the whole thing, because of its armor. And in a meta that will jump and attack the hero directly, having this extra armor helps you to hold more fights. Then, it is interesting to place cutthroat in front of spy. The same goes for fiend if you have it to play with. Although it works the same way without this card, and you can use another alternative as it is a bit expensive if we compare it with others.

The reason to have these two cards ahead of spy, is because the opportunity is very important. And if the opposing fire team usually puts their spy in front, we don’t want the risk of them being able to attack first in the coin flip. By having cutthroat next to you, in case you lose the coin flip and the opponent attacks first, you will be able to take a hit and prevent them from attacking your spy. And as spy has more damage, it makes sense to keep it next to you.

Water Cards

Another good deck you can use, in this case the opposite of fire, is water. Although this deck may be a bit more expensive, it is also quite strong and useful. You can see the cards below.

The first card is wave brood, very useful because it has a taunt that you can use on any enemy, and a short range. Because you can attack in a short range or also in the back. In addition to 12 life it is quite strong.

The next one is the most expensive of all cards. The combination of these first two cards works really very well. Since it has triage, which allows you to heal a card from behind. Which means you can place wave brood in the back rows and use spirit hoarder to heal it. This is one of the few accessible cards that has triage at level 1 and can heal cards further back. In addition to being able to use it in different combinations of cards, being neutral.

Djinn oshannus is a legendary card that is used from bronze to diamond, so it is a very good card of statistics and with a great use in different leagues. For the price it has, its value is really good.

Find is the chicken of this new set and it is used in almost every deck because of its value and 0 mana cost. The other cards are good combinations to attack directly to the hero and get rid of him as soon as possible.

The hero that is usually used is kelya frendul, for its attack and defense bonus and the combination with the water deck. Although you can also try the deck with other heroes to see if you can get better results.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail the best cards and decks to start playing splinterlands. Remember, you can create your splinterlands account just below if you don’t have one yet.

Plataform: Splinterlands
Start with.: 1$
Network: HIVE

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