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How to rent cards in Splinterlands

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can rent cards in splinterlands and take advantage of this great feature to start playing while investing as little as possible.

Splinterlands has a mechanism where you can rent cards for days, or for a certain period of time, and it is much more economical than having to buy the cards you are interested in for a deck. Therefore, many players choose to start by renting the cards they consider best to start having a good team, and later with the rewards you can get, buy the cards to have them.

The main advantage is the very low cost, where you will pay sometimes 0,0003$ each day to use a card. As you can see, with 1$ you can have a deck with different cards for a long time.

The only requirement we will need, is the spellbook as many functions of the game. The spellbook has a cost of 10$ and we only need to buy it once, but we will unlock the daily quests and many advantages that without the spellbook, we would not have.

So if you don’t have the spellbook, you will have to buy it to start playing and access the great variety of functionalities that splinterlands has, among them renting cards.

Step by step

Once you have created your account, and bought the spellbook, you must have credits, which you can buy with a credit card, or dark energy crystals (DEC), which you can buy in many different ways. If you want, you can use the rewards you get with the spellbook to have some DEC or credits and use them later to rent the cards.

We will be able to use either DEC or credits when renting the cards, and the value we will see is their price in $. But let’s see where you can find it.

To do this, we will go to the top left in market. Here, we will see all the cards for sale, and we will have to go to the top right, in card rentals. Select this option, and you will see the cards that are available for rent.

Here, at the top of the page, we will see the lowest price per day of the menu that we can find. In addition to the menu itself. If you are looking for specific cards, you can use the filters to find it. As you can see, there are many different filters, so you don’t get lost among so many cards, and you can focus on those that interest you the most. Whether they are from a collection, element, rarity or role of the card. In addition to being able to filter by level and different options such as lower or higher price, and other characteristics that the cards have such as mana, life and much more.

Once you find the card you want to rent, click on it. You will see the card on the left, and in the middle a list of different owners of the card who have placed the card for rent. Here, you should look at the level and the price in DEC/DAY. Since usually the cheapest ones are of lower level, and if you want to use a stronger card, I recommend you to look for the ones of higher level, and from those select the cheapest of all, since there is no difference between them.

Also, above you will be able to see in circulation the quantity of these cards that are currently in circulation, the higher the quantity, the cheaper these cards tend to be. In addition, you can filter whether you want a regular or gold card. At the bottom, you can find more information about the card.

Here, if you go to stats, you can find all the characteristics of the card, in lore the history, for sale the cards that are for sale so you can compare if it is better to buy or rent it, and in cards, if you can still get it by opening packs.

Once you have checked everything, check the box of the user you want to rent the card. Now, you will see the cost and you can select next to rent credits or DEC, depending on what you want to use to pay. Select the currency you want to use and click on rent.

Here you review the information and indicate the number of days you want to rent the card, with a maximum of 180 days. The default is 7 days, but select the amount you want to use that card to play. Below you will see the price per day and total price in the currency you have selected, either credits or DEC. Confirm all the information and click on rent. Now you will have the card to start playing.

If you go to cards and filter by rented to me you should see that card. Do the same process with all the deck you plan to use and that’s it, you will have a good deck spending as little as possible without having to buy the cards. Always, I recommend you to look at the price difference between renting and buying the card to see if sometimes it is worth buying the card and be able to use it whenever you want and when you stop using it, put it for rent.

I hope this quick guide on how to rent cards in splinterlands has been useful. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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