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How to Start Farmers World from 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can start from 0 in farmers world and everything you should know about this game before you start.

We will cover the first steps to get into the game if you are new and have never used the Wax network, as well as the mechanics of the game, and the different ways to get started.

Like any play to earn game, you will need to invest an amount at the beginning to buy NFT’s of the game and use them to generate different tokens and materials within the game as we will now see.

Farmers World, as its name suggests, is a farming simulator, where we will have different tools and with them we will get resources such as wood, gold or food. There are different types of tools with more capacity to collect resources and different animals like cows or chickens to get food.

How Wax Wallet works

The first thing to do is to create an account with a Wax Wallet. As it is in another network, you will not be able to use metamask as it is used in many other games found in the binance Smart chain or other networks.

To do this, we will go to This is where we will find the Wax wallet, and we will create an account, either with our email or the different ways it allows you to log in.

With the account created, you will see a dashboard with different information. I recommend you to see where each aspect is located, since you will be using the wallet to enter the game. But now let’s take a look at the most relevant aspects to take into account.

To get started and be able to log in, you are going to need some Wax in your wallet. You can buy it from Binance and withdraw it to your wallet in a very simple way. You can find a link if you don’t have an account with Binance just below.

With wax, we must go to staking rewards, and click under my staked tokens, under waxp. Here, you must place your wax in CPU, NET and RAM. These are 3 components to operate in the Wax blockchain. They are the resources for the game and we will need to place some wax to be able to log into the game.

I recommend you to place 5 wax in CPU, 2 in NET and 1-2 in RAM. Indicate the amount and click on stake. This will allow us to log in to the game without any problem. And it is not a very high amount of wax that you should place here in staking. In CPU and NET you will be able to stop staking at any time, and everything you put in RAM you will not be able to withdraw, since it is used to pay for the commissions of each transaction. By placing it, you will also receive staking rewards.

Buy NFT’s

The next step we must do is to have some Wax to buy some NFT’s of the game to start playing. We will go to Select the farmers world collection, which is usually one of the first ones.

I recommend starting with a Stone axe and fishing rod. Look for the cheapest NFT’s you can find of these two and buy them. Select in filters tools, durability set it to 100 and filter the price from cheapest to most expensive. I do not recommend buying the ancient Stone axe, as it takes a long time to recover the cost.

These are NFT’s and once you buy them you will see them in your wallet in the inventory. To buy them, you must use wax, and once you find the one you are interested in click on buy, and confirm in your wallet the transaction and that’s it.

Mention that this is the way we recommend to start with the minimum budget, but you can buy better NFT’s or more if you want to invest more capital in the game. Although I recommend you first start with little and understand the mechanics of the game before investing everything you have in the game and buy more expensive NFT’s that may not be as profitable.

Starting in the game

Now we can go to and log in with our wallet. Click on play & earn and you must select an available rpc endpoint, you can use any one of them. I recommend you to select one of the first ones in the list. Select it and click on login.

The first thing you will see when you enter the game is the chest. This is where you will see the NFT’s you have. In the case of what we have discussed, you will see the Stone axe and fishing rod. In order to start working with these tools, you must click on wear.

When you click on wear, what it does is to transfer your NFT from your wallet to the farmers world wallet. But don’t worry, because you will be able to withdraw it at any time to your wallet again and sell it in the Marketplace, as we have done when we bought it. Click on wear and approve the transaction with the two NFT’s or the ones you have in your account.

Now if we go to home, it is the main screen for your tools and food. You will see the NFT’s you have transferred and you can click on mine to start working, and confirm in your wallet the transaction. You will see a 1 hour countdown, which is when you will be able to collect the rewards.

When you press mine, you will see the rewards you have obtained after 1 hour. For the Stone axe, the average is 1.7 wood every hour. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less than 1.7. And now you click on mine again to collect them in 1 hour. The fishing rod is 5 food on average every hour.

When you start, you will have to click every hour on both tools to maximize your profits. However, we will now look at options so that you are not clicking every hour.

The food, what it does is to give you energy. And you need energy to use the tools or other more advanced NFT’s, as it represents the energy of the workers. You can see the consumption, and see that it consumes 5 energy every hour to use these tools. The use of food, is that you can transform it into energy. If for example you have 5 energy from the fishing rod, you can get 25 energy. 1 food equals 5 energy. Click on Exchange, and enter the amount of food and confirm in your wallet to convert your food into energy.

Mechanics and optimization

This is very important because your tools cannot work without energy. The way to maximize your time is to use a member or membership card.

What these cards do, is that they allow you to accumulate several hours before clicking so you don’t have to be clicking every hour. For example, with a silver member card, which you can buy in the Marketplace or create it with resources, you will be able to see in extra slots the amount of hours you can accumulate. If you have 3 extra slots, it means that every 3 hours you will be able to accumulate the rewards to claim them. In the case of the bronze card, it is every 2 hours that you can accumulate them. The cards can be food, wood or gold, so it will depend on what the card is for you to be able to accumulate the rewards in that category.

For example, with a silver member card of Wood, you can For example, with a silver member card of Wood, you can accumulate 3 hours of rewards with the stone axe. But not with the fishing rod. For that, you would need a food silver member. Another benefit of the member cards are the rewards you can claim every 24 hours. Where you can get farmer coins. These coins can be used to create more membership cards. Once you get 60 farmer coins you can create a bronze membership, and 120 for a silver membership. This is the way to reinvest in the game and optimize your earnings. The percentages of the different types of cards are 70% wood, 27% food and 3% gold.

Another way to generate income is to make NFT with the resources you get and sell them in the Market.

If we go to the smithy, you can see the costs of creating new tools. Each tool has the stats it has and the cost, which is usually gold and wood. In addition to the membership cards.

The currencies in the game are gold, wood and food. These 3 resources correspond to tokens on a secondary market where you can buy and sell them. So you can sell them and buy them in case you need any resources on the secondary market and deposit them in the game.

To withdraw the generated resources, you will have to go to the Exchange and there is always a 5-8% commission depending on the time. So I recommend that you wait until it is 5% to withdraw and not lose so many resources on the way. What you can do at the beginning, is to accumulate the wood, and withdraw it to exchange it for gold and use that gold to create new tools and thus get more resources every day.

To do this, you can go to Alcor Exchange which is the secondary market to exchange these tokens. The operation is the same as other DEX like pancakeswap but on the Wax network. Note that it is not necessary to sell wood and then buy gold, but you can directly exchange wood for gold to avoid intermediate steps and extra commissions.

How to know your earnings

To know what you can be generating every day, luckily there are very useful pages where you can find all this information. The site we will use is Here, we simply enter the address of our wax wallet, and click on add and monitor all listed accounts.

Now, below you can see all the information that the platform has collected about the tools we have and the approximate daily profit that we would be getting at this moment in our account, at the current price of each resource. It is an easy way to see the benefits that you will be getting and to calculate an estimated ROI, taking into account that the prices of these resources tend to fluctuate a lot.

Finally, although this is a fairly basic guide and you can find more information about the game on our website, keep in mind that the ROI or what you generate each day at the beginning may not seem much. Since the game becomes more profitable if you reinvest the resources you generate at the beginning in creating better tools and member cards to maximize the resources you obtain. Although also consider withdrawing profits from the game as you get to generate more each day.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail how Farmers world works and how you can start from 0. Remember that, if you do not have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
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