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How much and how can you earn money in Farmers World?

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how much and how you can earn playing Farmers World, one of the games with more active players.

Farmers World is a farm simulator and different real-life resource farming mechanics made into a game. And it has become the main game of WAX, a blockchain specialized in play to earn games. In addition to surpassing games like axie infinity in active players in a few days, which has attracted the attention of many users who have become interested in this game.

Farmers World is not a complex game, but it is not a super simple game with just 1 click and where there are strategies and different approaches to maximize the gains you can have. In addition to different tokens in the ecosystem, which are used within the game and consumed, which incentivizes you to use the tokens you get and creates a much more sustainable economy than single token games.

How you can earn

First let’s look at the different ways the game has to earn tokens that you can later exchange for real money. If you are totally new to the game, I recommend you take a look at our farmers world guide which you can find in the browser on the top right or in the menu if you are on a mobile device. You will be able to understand the mechanics of the game and how it works to understand what we will now see.

The first and most used way is through farming or accumulation of wood, gold and food. These are the resources that you can get in the game by playing with your tools and NFT’s. Later you can withdraw them to your wallet and sell them in Alcor Exchange for WAX. Wax you can send it to platforms like binance to sell it for USDT, other cryptocurrencies or your currency and withdraw it to your bank account.

The amount of resources you get will depend entirely on the tools you have, and if you claim the rewards every time you can. Because, if you don’t have membership cards, you will have to claim the rewards every hour, and it is not sustainable. So I recommend you to buy membership cards to maximize your earnings and be able to accumulate the rewards several hours, even if it is every 3 or 5 hours. Because even if it is a higher initial cost, think about the amount of resources that you stop collecting when you sleep, and with the membership card you could reclaim by accumulating several hours of resources. If you don’t know well the function of the membership cards, you can also find a guide on our page. I recommend you to understand it well because it will allow you to optimize your earnings.

Usually at the beginning you will get wood and food, because to get gold the NFT’s are a bit more expensive. But you can also sell these two resources in the secondary market, or exchange your resources for gold and use it in the game.

The second way to get WAX is to sell the NFT’s in the Marketplace that you can create with the resources you get in the game. Resources such as wood and gold can be used to craft new NFT’s to obtain more resources. You can use these NFT’s to continue accumulating, or simply remove them and sell them in the Marketplace.

Although keep in mind that you can probably get more by selling the resources you have used to craft the NFT than the price of the NFT in the Marketplace. Although it is all a matter of calculating it and see which option is more profitable. Besides considering the commission charged by the Marketplace and the fact that it may take several days to sell. Especially if you do not set a competitive price.

How much you can earn

Let’s see two examples that I have been able to see the different returns so that you can have an estimate. But first, let’s discuss several important aspects to consider before investing.

The first thing is the volatility of prices, you only need to look at a graph to see that they fluctuate quite a lot and the returns are greatly affected by the price of the tokens. For if prices fall after you invest, it will be more difficult to get a good return, and the same in the opposite way. Where it may look like a very profitable game, because they have gone up in token prices since you invested. So keep this in mind and the risk that exists when you invest.

The other relevant aspect is the mechanics and operation of the game. The game has a component that at the beginning is not very profitable, but if you reinvest what you generate in the first month or months, you can start to see a good return, even if the price of the tokens falls. This makes it not very attractive at the beginning, but as you have more NFT’s and get more resources, you will see how you generate more every day. Basically it is a game with economies of scale. It also takes into account that if you invest the minimum or little capital, the time to recover your investment is much longer than if you invest more capital and have more NFT’s, where you will see the return of your investment sooner.

Finally, before looking at the 2 examples, also note that games can change from one day to another the rewards or limit certain aspects and become less profitable. Although this has not happened in farmers world, we have seen a multitude of games that seemed very profitable and have modified their rewards or limited the players and it becomes a much less attractive game. Although in the case of farmers world it looks like a game with a good team and it is difficult to see that they can do this, it is another risk to consider when you are going to invest in a play to earn game.

If you decide to invest, you will be able to see an estimate of what you can earn each day by entering your wallet address at So use this tool if you are going to play.

The first example is a $200 investment in NFT’s, buying a Stone axe and a fishing rod. This is the minimum you can start with in the game, and in this case it would be generating around 2,3$ per day, which is 70$ per month. It would take around 3 months to recover the investment. As we have said, it is more interesting at the beginning to reinvest what you generate in new tools and thus generate more every day, instead of withdrawing what you generate to recover your investment. Although always keep in mind that the prices of NFT’s and tokens may vary when you are reading this.

The second example is with an investment of $ 5,000, where reinvesting everything that has been generated during the last 2 months, is currently generating $ 112 every day approximately, which means that in a month would be getting $ 3,400. As you can see, in this case the investment is recovered much faster, but keep in mind that, for this, everything that has been generated during two months has been reinvested. In this case, it would be a month and a half to recover the investment, plus the two months that the resources have been accumulating.

As you can see, it is a game that you will not be able to see a very fast return, and I recommend you to look at it at least 3 months or more ahead, before thinking about withdrawing your earnings and recovering the investment you made. Since it is the way where you can start to see some very interesting earnings and amounts that you generate on a daily basis.

I hope it has helped you to know how and how much you can earn in farmers world and it has been useful for you. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

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