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How Member cards work in Farmers World – Membership Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see everything you need to know about membership in farmers world, and why they are so important and why you should use them.

The member cards are a great tool that will allow us to get more rewards and accumulate resources for longer without the need to claim them every hour to maximize our earnings.


There are three levels, bronze, silver and gold, and in the future we will also find diamond. Bronze and silver can be created with resources, and gold can be obtained by opening packs, where there is a small chance of getting a gold member card. So I don’t recommend you to do it, as the chances are very small. So we will focus on bronze and silver, which are the most used and accessible.

These are the levels, but in each level, you can find bronze, silver and gold member cards for food, wood or gold. Wood being the most economical, followed by food and finally gold. These cards, depending on what type they are, can be used for tools that give you wood, food or gold.


The advantages of a member card is that it allows you to accumulate rewards for a longer period of time. In the case of bronze, it gives you 1 hour more, and in the case of silver 2 hours. So, in the case of using 1 bronze card, you will be able to accumulate 2 hours of rewards, and in the case of silver 3 hours. Also, you can accumulate several cards, whether bronze, silver or gold and thus increase the amount of hours to claim the rewards and accumulate them. This is the main advantage, which will allow you to avoid having to claim the rewards every hour.

Also, every 24 hours you can click on claim on each member card and you will receive Farmer coins. Bronze you receive 1-3 and silver 2-6 farmer coins every 24 hours. In addition, you get a membership bonus. This bonus has a % that when you click on claim and claim the Farmer coins, you also use the tool where you have the member card placed. So, if for example you have the member card in a tool like Stone axe, you will receive 3 wood. If you have better tools, you will receive more rewards, according to what you would get using that tool. The cost to claim these types of rewards is 400 energy. So you also have to take that into account.


The cost of a bronze member card is 400 gold and 60 farmer coins. In the case of silver, the cost is 800 gold and 120 farmer coins. When you create a member card, you can get one of the 3 types mentioned above with the following probabilities. 70% wood, 27% food and 3% gold. So, most likely you will get wood.

If you go to the Marketplace, you will see that the wooden member cards are the cheapest, followed by the food and gold ones. If you want to create a card with the resources, sometimes it can be more worthwhile to go to the Marketplace and buy the wooden member card directly, since it is the most likely that you will end up receiving. 

Now that you know how it works, the best thing to do is to use the resources you can get to create member cards if you do not want to invest more capital in the game. Above all, the silver member cards are the most worthwhile. Although first focus on having better tools, since you will benefit a lot from the bonuses you can get with the member cards every 24 hours if you have good tools instead of the most basic ones. The ideal is to accumulate cards, and create them to see if you are lucky and get food and gold cards, and thus increase the time you accumulate these resources.

Keep in mind that these cards must be used for a specific tool, so if you have two tools of the same type, you will not be able to use the member cards in both at the same time.

I hope this has helped you to learn more about how the different member cards work and the different categories. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

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