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How to play and connect Thetan Arena on mobile with Metamask

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can start playing Thetan Arena from your mobile, either iOS or Android and link your metamask account to withdraw or deposit cryptocurrencies.

In the case of installing the app, the operation is the same on both iOS and Android. But to link our metamask account, there are some steps that are different on iOS and Android and that we will now see.

To start playing if you are totally new, go to the apple store or play store in the case of Android and search for thetan arena in the search engine. You can also search for the official website, and from there click on Android or iOS to be taken directly to the application. This way you can avoid downloading an application that is not or any confusion.

Once you have found the app, install the app on your mobile and you are ready to enter the game. You must create your account, to be able to play and link your metamask account, as we will now see.

Enter an email, and confirm with the code you will receive your email, enter a password and create your account. In this simple way you will have your account created, and you can start playing for free. If you want to buy heroes to be able to earn more when you play, let’s see how you can link your metamask wallet to be able to deposit funds into your Thetan Arena account and buy heroes with it.


In order to play, we don’t need to link our metamask wallet. But we will need to link it to buy heroes, deposit funds into our account or withdraw the profits we have earned. Therefore, I recommend that when you create your account, link your metamask wallet and have it already configured.

In the case of iphone, the first thing we must do is install the metamask app on our mobile. Once installed, you may already have your wallet that you use on your computer. In order to use the same wallet on your mobile, you must click on recover wallet and enter the seed phrase or recovery phrase, which you were given when you created your wallet.

If you do not have an account with metamask, you can click on create an account and you will be able to create your wallet in the app. Remember to securely save the seed phrase, which you may need if you want to use your wallet on your computer and not only on your mobile.

With our account created or recovered, we must go to the top left on the three lines and click there. It will open a menu with our account, and different options. Click on browser if you have it in English, the first option of all.

Here, we are going to open a browser, the standard search engine is duckduckgo, but you can change it to google if you prefer. Here we will look for thetan arena, and click on search.

You will see the same as when you search in google or other search engines. Select the thetan arena page, and click on marketplace. Now click on top right in the menu part, we will open the menu, where we will see the option to connect metamask. Click there, and click on login with metamask. Now click on link to existing game account if you have already created your account, or you can create your account and link it to your wallet. Once you have entered your account, you will see a message to connect to this site, click on connect and you are done. Check that you use the same account as on your computer to connect your wallet to thetan arena.

This way you already have your metamask wallet connected to thetan arena, and you can buy heroes from your mobile or sell the heroes you have, withdraw your earnings or deposit the tokens from thetan arena to your account.


To play on Android, the operation is very similar to iphone, but with some differences. So let’s see how to do it.

The first thing we have to do is go to the play store, and search for kiwi browser. We download this browser, as it is one of the few that allows us to use metamask in the browser itself without problems.

Open kiwi browser and search for thetan arena, or go directly to its website, First click on marketplace. Now, in the same way that happened with iphone, click on the menu. Now we will see the connect metamask option. Click there, and click on login with metamask. Now click on link to existing game account if you already created your account, or you can create your account and link it to your wallet.

Once you have entered your account, we will open the tab to log in with our metamask wallet. It will open the Chrome store and we must install the metamask extension in add to Chrome and ok.

Now we will see the message configure metamask, and click on it. We will open the metamask wallet, and click on get started. We only need to export our account if we already have it, in export wallet, or in case you do not have an account in metamask, click on create an account.

If you want to export your account, you must indicate the seed phrase or recovery phrase and your password. And in this way, you will have your account ready to use on Android. With your account exported or created, we return to thetan arena.

Here we log in again with metamask, and you will see that you can now play in the same way you would on the computer, clicking on connect in your metamask and link your metamask to your account to buy heroes or withdraw your winnings.

I hope it has helped you to know how to play in a more comfortable way from your mobile, without having to always use the computer, and to be able to buy and sell heroes from your mobile. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, just below you will be able to create one.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

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