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Beginner’s Guide to Thetan Arena | Thetan Arena Tutorial

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see the basic aspects that you should know before starting to play Thetan Arena.

We will focus on those aspects that we consider most relevant and can help you to be a better player and therefore win more. If you are looking for a more specific guide to a particular aspect of this game, you can find it on our site.

Whether you want to know how to start buying heroes, withdraw your tokens or know how much you can earn, all this and more can be found on our site. You can use the search engine to find it, as in this article we will focus on tips for beginners in the game, and not so much on how to deposit or deposit funds. So with that said, let’s get started.

How to play better

The first and one of the most important tips is to change the controls. If you play from the computer you can change it to whatever you want almost, and you can set it up to play with a controller.

The second is to use your microphone, which you can use in battle if you are on your mobile. Like any other MOBA, communication is a key factor in your team’s victory. If your team is well communicated, it can be far superior to any other team even if they have legendary characters. Although the sound quality is a little bad at times, using the microphone works and can be a great change for many games to communicate well with your team.

Separate yourself from your teammates. This is a tip for beginners, because it is very common to see new players joining their teammates, and although it is not a bad thing, you should always leave some distance between your character and your teammate’s character. Since the game has a lot of CC or crowd control abilities, which affect in one area. If you have been playing for a while, you may have already noticed the length of each attack.

Fourthly we have to look at different areas. If you are separated from your teammates, you will have no problem checking different areas of the map, to know at all times where the enemy is and what area they are or are not in. If you have played the game, you have been able to see that the map gives little information and is full of bushes that make it difficult to see. This is why it is so important to keep the team together but with separation checking the different areas to avoid being attacked from behind or in positions where your team is at a disadvantage. Ideally, have your team covering top, mid and bottom at all times. And be ready to rotate and help your teammates in case an enemy appears.

 Use your cover. Thetan is a game based on angles. Which means that your position is crucial in every fight. Especially in heroes with a high rank, such as marksman. Walls, towers or gift boxes, everything can be used as cover. But learning how to use them properly is what differentiates the winners from the losers. Learn which skills are able to break through walls, so you know if you are safe or not, depending on the opponent in front of you.

Don’t endlessly use or spam your skills. This is a tricky and common thing that happens to beginners. Each hero has a different attack speed, and a recharge time accordingly. It is very common to be against an enemy and both have to reload, and in these occasions the one who has missed more bullets usually loses. Therefore, saving your attacks to try to hit as many as possible can make a difference. So practice your aim and your energy consumption and you can start winning more 1vs1.

Don’t go it alone. Although it may seem very obvious, it doesn’t refer to not going alone on the field. Especially when you first start is when it matters the most. This is because all characters can eliminate a surprise box or gift box in one energy cycle. Meaning that you will be waiting for your energy to recharge before you can finish off a surprise box by yourself. So, for many game modes, it is best to go 2 players together to destroy the surprise boxes.

Use the bushes. Not only do you want to use the bushes, but you also want to memorize the routes. Bushes can be a large part of the map, and can put you very close to the enemy. You can also use them defensively to find a flank and take cover in the best way possible.

Heal yourself when you are not farming. After playing a few games, you may notice that your character heals when he is not attacking or being attacked. You should use this to your advantage by attacking and then moving away from the enemy to heal yourself. If the enemy has not healed while you have healed, it will be much easier for you to finish him off, as you have more health. While you are healing, you can group up with your team, hide or go to the boxes you are interested in.

The most important and last thing is to know your role. If you haven’t noticed yet, thetan arena is a team game with different roles in each team. What this means is that if you are a tank, you should protect your teammates, if you are a healer, you should focus on healing your teammates. The most important thing is to have a good synergy with your team to end up winning, and not just focus on killing as many opponents as possible. As you know, every game matters, and when money is at stake, it is important to try to focus on winning and not just on eliminating opponents.

The game is so short and in reduced maps, that if you apply these tips you will notice a big difference between the amount of games you can win and stop losing. Since every action matters when the games are so short and on small maps.

I hope it has helped you to know more in detail how you can improve playing thetan arena. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

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