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Best heroes in Thetan Arena

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see which are the best heroes of Thetan Arena to start playing, without investing a lot of money in a hero.

We are going to see in different ranks, which heroes are better and not only focus on the ones that are better and more expensive. So you can even have a competitive character without having to buy the best or most expensive ones.

So let’s see what are the best options to start playing and have a good hero.

Types of heroes

There are different types of heroes, common, epic and legendary as hero rarity. The common ones are the cheapest, and the legendary ones are the most expensive.

The token bonus you get in each game with legendary heroes in THC is higher than the other rarities. And usually legendary heroes are stronger, but you can find very good common and epic heroes, and it is not necessary to play with a legendary.

We can find commons with better stats than legendaries. So you will be able to win many fights with a common hero too. Let’s see the cheapest and most competitive commons.

Best Common heroes

Cluster is one of the cheapest heroes and quite underrated. Since he is very strong, and is very useful to get a lot of kills at long range. Let’s compare some stats to see more visibly how good this hero is for being common.

Let’s compare him with bathos who is epic, and shanna as legendary hero. The life is very similar in these 3 heroes. The damage, in cluster is 440, 350 in bathos and 506 in shanna. The attack speed is 2.22 in cluster, 2 in bathos and 1.67 in shanna. So cluster has the highest attack speed than epic and legendary. So cluster will have more damage per second than the other two heroes, being common. So you won’t have problems using cluster as a hero instead of bathos or shanna, since its stats are somewhat higher than even the legendary.

Besides having very powerful fury attacks. For the price it has, it is a competitive hero and with superior stats to epic and legendary, you can get a good profit and win many games with him.

Another very good hero is big papa. He also has very good stats for being a common hero.


If you are looking for a competitive and not very expensive assassin hero, let’s see which ones are interesting. We are not going to analyze each one with their stats, you can do it yourself as we have done before, but we will mention those that we consider that are good and can give you a good result.

Rei is one of the best. For his price he has pretty good stats. If we already go to a legendary assassin, we find mortal, which is very strong. And sometimes you can find him for a good price.

And if you want a cheaper one, serp is the one with the best stats for his price compared to other heroes.


In tanks, one of the strongest is breaker and he is common, so he doesn’t have a very high price. Veinka is also another one very similar to breaker and with similar stats, although somewhat inferior.

In a medium price range, Lucy muffy is the best tank in this range, but breaker is still a better hero to win games. Lucy muffy can be useful to earn more THC in each game, but with breaker you will be able to get more victories.

In the legendary rank, Kong key is very strong. It is stronger than breaker but it is also true that it is very expensive to be so strong. If you really want to invest what it costs, it is really very good and you can win many games if you know how to use it well, because it has very good stats.

I hope it has helped you to know which are the best heroes in different price ranges in thetan arena and you can get the most out of it. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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