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How to rent a hero and rent out your heroes

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how the hero rental system works, whether you want to rent a hero to summon, or you want to get the most out of your heroes.

We are going to see everything you need to know about this system, and how to get the most out of it. In addition to why it is interesting to use it instead of using two of your heroes.

The rental system allows us to rent heroes from other players to summon new heroes. Thanks to this system, we will pay an amount of JEWEL, indicated by the owner of the hero, to use another hero and summon a new one. In this way, we only need to have 1 hero in our account, and by renting a hero, we will be able to summon a new one. Thus avoiding the need to have two heroes of your own to summon a new one.

Why rent

The main advantages of renting a hero are the following.

Being able to summon with only 1 hero: As we have just mentioned, to summon you need two heroes. But thanks to renting, you don’t need to buy two heroes in your account to be able to summon a new one. With just one, you can rent another hero and use both to summon a new one.

Reduce the cost of summoning a new hero: The cost of summoning is linked to the generation. For this reason, if you have heroes of higher generations, you can always use one of your heroes, and rent a hero with a lower generation and reduce the summoning cost. In many occasions, even if you pay an amount of JEWEL to the owner of the hero you rent, it is more economical to rent a hero of lower generations than to use a hero with a high generation, for example a hero of generation 5.

Maximize the odds to get a good hero: The main and most interesting use is to choose the best hero that mixed with yours, can give you a better chance to get a better hero. Although there is a high factor of randomness, there are differential aspects in using a common hero for example, to a legendary one if you want to summon a hero with a higher rarity. Therefore, you will also see that heroes with good characteristics usually have a higher cost per rental than normal heroes. Even so, it can be worth paying extra if you are looking to try to summon the best hero possible. Always keep in mind that there are random factors in each summon. Even using two legendaries, you can get a common hero.

These are the main reasons and uses that the hero rental system currently has. If you want to summon, I recommend you to look at the most relevant aspects to get good heroes, and not spend jewel that you could use to buy heroes in the tavern for a lower price.

Getting JEWEL with your heroes

If you have a hero, you can rent it and get extra profit from it. It is very likely that you don’t want to summon new heroes, or you have some heroes that are not very good to summon. You can rent them in the tavern and get some extra JEWEL.

Although keep in mind the limit of each summon hero, because once they are all used, they can’t be used anymore to summon new heroes.

If we go to the tavern, and click on agent, we can see the list hero for hire option. Indicate the amount of JEWEL you want to get each time your hero is hired. Note that if for example, you have 4/6 summons, you can only rent it 4 times before you can’t summon that hero again. Indicate the amount and click on list for hire. Approve the tavern contract, type the word hire and you will be able to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Note that 3.75% of the total amount goes to the game, so when your hero is hired, you will receive the indicated amount of JEWEL minus the 3.75% that the platform takes.

I recommend that before you set a price, go to the portal and search for similar heroes to see the prices that are currently on the market for rent. This way, you will be able to set a competitive price and be more likely that your hero will be used to summon, and you receive that amount in JEWEL. Thanks to the filters that the game has, it is quite easy to find heroes similar to yours, and to be able to compare prices at all times.

Summoning can have a lot of risk, spending more JEWEL than the hero you get in the tavern. So, it is a way if you want to avoid this risk, and get some extra JEWEL out of your hero.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail how the hero rental system works in DEFI Kingdoms. Remember that, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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