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How to buy and sell heroes in DEFI Kingdoms

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can buy your first hero in DEFI Kingdoms, and sell your heroes if you already have some.

Let’s see what aspects to consider and how to get started in this fantasy world. Since heroes are the core of the platform and what the whole game is based on. Therefore, they are becoming more and more important and useful in this DEX and game.

Step by Step

Before we look at which hero to choose and aspects to consider, let’s see how you can buy it, and then we will go into more detail on these aspects.

The first thing we will need is ONE in our metamask wallet to buy JEWEL. If you don’t know how to withdraw ONE to your wallet from a centralized Exchange and then buy JEWEL, you can find a guide here, as we won’t go into detail.

Once you have JEWEL in your wallet, keep in mind that heroes are usually worth around 35 JEWEL upwards, we will go to tavern. Here, click on Agent. Click on buy heroes, hero details of the hero you want to buy, and click on buy hero. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and that’s it. In this simple way, you will have already bought your hero.

Sell your hero

To sell your hero, go to sell heroes. Here, you can see your heroes you have, and if they are not in a mission, indicate the amount of JEWEL you want to sell your hero. Click on list for sale.

Here you can put it publicly or privately for sale, if you want to sell it to a friend or someone in particular without everyone having access. You can also select fixed price or auction mode. The platform charges 3.75% of the transaction, so keep this in mind every time you want to sell your hero.

Indicate the type of sale, type SELL and confirm the tavern contract. Click on sell and confirm the transaction in your wallet. This way, you will have your hero for sale, and once it is bought, you will receive the amount of JEWEL you have indicated, minus the 3.75% that the platform takes.

Which heroes to buy

Now that we have seen how to buy and sell heroes in DEFI Kingdoms, let’s see what aspects to look at and take into account to choose the best possible hero, taking into account the budget that each one may have.

Keep in mind that the game is still under development and there are features that are unknown how they will work, such as PVP and what stats may be better. Therefore, the aspects that we will consider when buying a hero is with the information we know and the quests that are out there right now.

The first thing we will consider is the rarity of the card, preferably the rarer the better. With the rarities uncommon, common, rare, legendary and mythical.

Then we will look at the class type. Where there are basic, advanced, elite and exalted classes. If possible we will look for an advanced or elite class hero, although you can see that the cost is higher.

Regarding the profession, if you have no preference, look for a profession compatible with a class and good stats. There are classes and attributes that benefit certain professions, so it is better to look for this type of heroes, although usually more expensive because you will get better rewards. The important stats are:

Miner: Stength and Endurance

Gardener: Wisdom and Vitality

Forger: Dexterity and Intelligence

Fisher: Lucky and Agility

These attributes benefit these professions. So when you look at the profession, look for as many points in these attributes as possible.

Finally, each hero class has attributes that are usually higher than other classes. For example, warrior strength and dexterity are usually the highest attributes. Therefore, look for classes compatible with professions. Since the attributes when leveling up your heroes, you can improve them and they tend to improve those more characteristic of the class. I leave you with an Excel so you can consult all this information.

This is the relevant information that is currently known to differentiate a good hero from a not so good one. Keep in mind that, if you look at these conditions, possibly the heroes you find have a high price, so try to make a balance between price and the aspects mentioned as rarity or attributes. Keep in mind that the game has a lot of complexity and this is one of the aspects that has made it grow in this way, having heroes so developed and with so many differential aspects between them.

There are also other aspects such as the PVP where many aspects are still unknown, since it is still under development and we do not know how it works. So don’t try to get a perfect hero either, because it can be very good for profession missions, but not very useful for PVP when it comes out.

Buying Vs Summoning

In the game you can also summon new heroes, by putting two heroes together. This is another option if you already have at least 1 hero instead of going and buying another one in the tavern. If this is your case, and you want to know what is more worthwhile, we have a guide on our page about summoning and how it works.

In short, summoning a new hero has many random aspects that you can’t control, and it is possible that the cost of summoning a JEWEL, you can buy a better hero in the tavern. On the other hand, if you are very lucky, you can get a better hero. But always keep in mind that summoning has a high luck and randomness factor. While in the tavern you can select the type of hero you want to buy, and quite easily thanks to the filters it has.

I hope it has helped you to know how you can buy and sell your heroes in DEFI Kingdoms and how to choose the best possible hero. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, just below you will be able to create one.  

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