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How to choose the best hero in DEFI Kingdoms

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can choose the best DEFI Kingdoms hero. We are going to analyze the aspects that are most relevant and known today to choose among the thousands of heroes, which one can be the best.

The developers, as well as the community have been discovering relevant aspects to choose the best hero for the moment. However, it is important to note that the game is still under development and new features such as missions in the future may change these aspects. Where some attributes or classes will be more relevant than right now.

In this guide we will review the aspects that you should look at and are currently more relevant, for the missions that we can do and what is known about the game. And that usually, if you look at the features that we will see, you can see that the price of these heroes is quite higher than a normal hero.

If you are new to DEFI Kingdoms or want to know more about the heroes, their rarities and different aspects that are relevant, I recommend you to read this article to the end.

All the aspects we will see have their importance, and whether one is first or last, does not influence whether it is more relevant to the hero or adds more value. With that said, let’s get started.


Heroes have different classes, and these different rarities. Being some basic classes, others advanced, elite and finally a single class for the moment, which is exalted. You can see below an infographic to know which class belongs where.

The relevance of the class in your hero is given first by the rarity. As in many games, the higher the rarity, the higher the value of that hero. And on the other hand, the attributes that the better classes have, whether advanced, elite or exalted, usually have better characteristics than the basic classes. So, if you have some budget, it is interesting to look at this type of heroes with some advanced class.

In addition to the rarity of the class type, which is harder to get, you have better attributes that can benefit you when doing quests or when PVP comes out.


The generation is the one you can find below the level in your hero. Higher generations usually have heroes of higher classes, either advanced, due to the mixing of other generations and heroes to reach those generations.

The first generation is generation 0 or gen0 and is the only one that has no limit to summon new heroes. Besides the low cost to summon heroes. Each generation, starting from gen0 increases in 10 JEWEL the cost of summoning a hero. So if a gen0 summons for 10 JEWEL, a generation 3 hero will cost 30 JEWEL to summon a new hero.

The higher the generation, the higher the cost of JEWEL required to summon new heroes, but at the same time the higher the chances of getting a hero of an advanced, elite or exalted class. Although you can still summon basic classes in higher generations.

Rarity and Shiny

The rarity is the color of the card, which you can see in the gem in the middle by placing the cursor over it. You will see that there is common, uncommon, rare, legendary and mythical. Rarity improves the attributes of your hero’s class.

So it also helps to have a better hero, where if a warrior has as main attributes strength and dexerity, if it is of a rare rarity, these attributes will be better than a common warrior. An important aspect to consider together with the class to get the best attributes in your heroes.

I leave below a table of the chances of getting a hero of different rarities by summoning with different types of rarity. So you can see the probabilities if you plan to summon and look to get a hero with a high rarity.

Regarding the shiny, the operation is the same as the pokemon. There are some cards that have different colors and appearance. But apart from having a higher rarity, they do not have better attributes or any known in-game advantage. You will be able to see that their frame shines in a different way. Actually shiny is just to add more rarity, and you can find shiny heroes for not very expensive prices, as they don’t have any extra attributes.


The attributes or stats are one of the most fundamental aspects. Although by leveling up, you will be able to improve these attributes, it is recommended to have strong and high attributes as standard and at level 1.

Also, note that you should not seek to have all the high attributes, but those special to the class. Since it is very likely that they are the most relevant in the PVP, and there are already attributes and classes relevant to the profession missions. I recommend you to look at this Excel with all the information of each class, and see which attributes are higher than other classes.

So as not to buy a hero thinking that he has good attributes, and really the attributes that should be high are others. For example, we have the priest with high attributes in Wisdom and intelligence. I recommend that you compare the attributes with other heroes of the same class, to see if it is a good hero or if there are better ones for a better price or for little difference.

Always take into account the level of the hero, because when you level up the attributes the attributes increase, although not all of them.


Finally, among the aspects that we consider most important is the profession that your hero has. Although this depends on what type of account you have and if you have more heroes or not.

My recommendation is to have a hero of each profession, since each profession has its advantages and you will get unique materials, which in the future can be used for potions and more aspects within the game. So, if you focus on having only fishers, when you need forger materials, you will have to buy them.

Even so, if you don’t have the resources or you want to focus on one or two specific professions, the most important thing is to choose a good hero according to his profession with good attributes. This will allow you to level up your profession faster and get better rewards. The relevant attributes for each profession are:

Miner: Stength and Endurance

Gardener: Wisdom and Vitality

Forger: Dexterity and Intelligence

Fisher: Lucky and Agility

Keep in mind that, if you are thinking of buying a hero, if you are looking for a miner for example with maximum strength and endurance, it is possible that it will be very expensive. Since when these aspects became known, the prices of heroes with the best attributes for their profession went up a lot. I recommend you to look for something in between, because with very high prices, it may not be worth paying much more to have some extra points of strength and endurance for a miner, for example.

I hope this guide has helped you to know all the most relevant aspects of a hero and to know how to detect those heroes that are good and those that are not so good. Remember that, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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