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How to Get Started in Crabada From 0 | Beginners Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see a detailed guide to crabada, one of the most popular games of the moment and that has greatly increased its price and users playing this game of canjeros.

Crabada unlike many games, is on the Avalanche network, and is currently the most played game on this network. This has been due to the game’s mechanics, the great team behind it and the game dynamics that take it away from simple button-pressing games and little else. Although it is still a simple game, it brings more mechanics that make it different and incentivize players to invest in the game instead of just taking the winnings and making their token lose all its value.

Crabada Tutorial

How to get started

Before we look at how the game works in more detail, let’s take a look at how you can get started in the game. To do this, we will need to use a wallet like metamask, and have funds in the avalanche network. If you are new to this, I leave you a guide on how to withdraw your funds from binance to metamask on the avalanche network, as well as how to set up this network on metamask.

This is usually the most common option to deposit funds into this network if you don’t already have one. Another option if you have funds in a network such as binance Smart chain, polygon or other, is to use a bridge. In this case, you can find a guide from allbridge to move funds from one of the other networks to avalanche.

With the funds deposited in the avalanche network, go to and click on play game. Here, we will click on the left to connect our wallet, and confirm in metamask. With the wallet connected, the next step we will need to start is to buy a crab or crabada.  To do this, go to the Marketplace, at the top of the menu.

Here, we will have to buy 3 crabs to play both game modes, although there is also an alternative to generate income with only 1 crab. Later we will see which crabs are better in more detail. But keep in mind that you will need at least 3 crabs to make a team, and with 1 crab you can rent it to get a passive income, but it is not the main game mode.

If you go to the Marketplace, you will see that the crab prices are somewhat expensive, as it is a game with a high entry cost. Prices can fluctuate, but right now a crabada costs around $1,500, so you’re going to need about $4,500 to have a team, buying the more normal crabada, without having a good team. As you can see, it is a game with a high cost to enter, but also that you can get a good return, and this is what has attracted so many players and has skyrocketed the price of the crabada in the Marketplace as their tokens.

Now that you know how to get started, let’s take a closer look at all aspects of the game, starting with its operation and mechanics.


The game currently consists of forming a team with 3 crabada to do mining expedition, which are the PVE part with a PVP factor to get the tokens of the game, in this case CRA and TUS.

The game has 2 tokens, CRA which is the governance token and TUS which is the farming token and is used more internally in the game, in aspects such as breeding new crabada, to buy crabada in the Marketplace, where its price is in TUS, and other aspects. It could be compared with the Axie Infinity tokens, AXS which would be in this case CRA, and the SLP which would be TUS.

When performing a mining expedition we will get an amount of CRA and TUS, depending on whether we have won or lost, we will get a greater or lesser amount. The way the mining expedition works is that your crabada will be mining for 4 hours to get the rewards, and during that time they can be attacked by another team of 3 crabada from another player. This function is known as looting mission and you will also be able to perform it.

Here, the two teams will fight and you will be able to rent crabadas to increase your power and defeat your opponent. This option can be done twice by both teams, so you can rent 2 crabada to defend yourself, but the rival can also use 2 crabada to attack.

In case you win and defend your mining expedition, you will get 3,75 CRA and 303,75 TUS. If the rival has a better team and manages to beat you, he will get 65% of the rewards. This will leave you with 1,312 CRA and 106,31 TUS. While the opponent who has performed the looting mission and defeated you will get 2,4375 CRA and 197,4375 TUS. If the attacker loses, he will get nothing, so he has more risk. While in the mining expedition, even if you lose, you will get the amount we have mentioned, and you can perform this mission every 4 hours, which is 6 times a day.

Crabada have a BP and MP, where BP are battle points and are what matter the most when you want to attack or defend with your team. And MP is mined points, which will help you to be able to be attacked for less time, and win more times the miner’s revenge, a somewhat new mechanic that makes you can even win when you are attacked in your mining expedition, and the opponent has more battle points. The miner’s revenge is a percentage that you will sometimes win, even if you have less battle points and depending on the MP, you will have a better chance of winning.

This mechanic was introduced because they started to attack only by doing looting missions and not by doing mining expeditions with teams that always won. That’s why they introduced this mechanic to avoid that a specific team was always winning over the others.

Classes and Factions

Now that we have explained the game mechanics, let’s take a look at the different crab classes and factions. There may be changes in the future, as has happened recently, so always check the game documentation.

Due to the abuse of the bulk class, where teams were made with 3 bulk and no other team was able to win, they introduced the factions feature. Which is like elements, where some factions have disadvantages vs others and vice versa.

We found 6 factions and 8 different classes at the moment. Each class has a unique faction, except surge and bulk that share ore, and prime and gem that share the lux faction as you can see below.

This enables that there is no team that can not be beaten by another, and thus increases the competitiveness of the game. Before, an overpopulation of crabada bulk was created, being the strongest and having no rival. With these changes, the crabada bulk no longer have so much power and because there are so many, almost 50% of crabadas are bulk having 8 classes, due to the breeding mechanics, they are now much more affordable.

The relevant aspect that you have to consider if you want to create a team of 3 crabada, are the functioning of the factions. Where you will have to have a majority for your team to be under that faction. For example:

ORE | ORE | ORE => Faction = ORE.

ORE | ORE | LUX => Faction = ORE

ORE | MACHINE | LUX => No Faction => No Faction

In the case of having a faction, if your team is strong against the rival faction, it will have 7% less BP. And vice versa, if it is weak, your team will be affected by 7% in total BP.

In case of not having a faction and having 3 different crabada, your team will always be affected by 3% less in total BP when fighting.

Tavern and Breeding

After seeing how the classes and factions work, finally, I would like to highlight the importance of the tavern and breeding of the game. In addition to the mining and looting function, you will be able to rent your crab for when a team is attacked and increase your BP to win that fight. This function can be found in the tavern, and although it is not as profitable as having your 3 crabada mining, it can also be useful when you can’t play, or if you have less than 3 crabada for a team.

The breeding aspect, you will be able to use 2 crabada to obtain an egg and get a new crabada. The cost is in CRA and TUS as you can see below. It is really worth to breed the first and second time, because after that the cost is higher than what you will be able to sell your crabada. After 5 days, the egg will hatch and you will have a new crab, either to sell or to use.

Both of these mechanics allow an option if you are interested in the game but don’t want to invest so much capital to buy 3 crabadas. This is the current cheapest option, which is to buy 1 crabada, and place it in the tavern to rent it. With the TUS you get, you keep it to buy another crabada. With the 2 crabada, you place them in the tavern and when you have enough TUS, you use the crabada to breed. After 5 days, you can have 3 crabada just starting with one.

Although it sounds very fast, it will really take time to be able to buy the second and third crabada, since the tavern you will not get as much TUS, but it is a way to invest with the minimum risk at the moment. Plus you will always have your crabada that you bought the first time and you can sell in case you have no more interest.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail how crabada works and that you can start playing with all the information. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
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