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How much and how you can earn money in Crabada

Welcome to this post, where we are going to look at how much and how you can earn money playing Crabada, the different ways to earn money in this game, and how much you can expect to earn.

Crabada has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to the high returns that can be achieved in this game, as well as the great community and team behind the game. So, if you’ve heard of this game and want to learn more in detail, you’ve come to the right place.

Always keep in mind the risk that this kind of games have with high returns, and great dependence on the value of your tokens or NFT’s so that you can maintain that possible profitability in case you decide to invest in crabada.

How you can earn

The first thing before seeing how much you can earn, is to know how. Crabada has several functionalities that allow you to get tokens from your game, mainly TUS, but we will also get CRA’s in some game mode.

The first and most used way is mining expedition and looting mission, where we will use a team of 3 crabadas for 4 hours, in the first case to get a treasure. In this case CRA and TUS. If we manage to finish the mining expedition without being attacked or winning the fight when we are attacked, we will get 3,75 CRA and 303,75 TUS. In case we are attacked and lose, we will get 1,31 CRA and 106,3125 TUS. These rewards are every 4 hours, so we will be able to get this amount 6 times in a day, if we play every 4 hours.

On the other hand, the looting mission is the part that attacks with 3 crabadas to the teams that are carrying out the mining expedition. In this case, we can win if we have more BP and the rival does not get the miner’s revenge. In case of losing, we will get nothing. In case of winning, we will get 65% of the loot we will get in the mining expedition. This is 2,4375 CRA and 197,4375 TUS.

These two types of missions, we must take into account that it is very likely that we will use other crabada to defend ourselves or to have more damage when attacking, we can use 2 crabada for attack or defense. The cost to rent a crabada is 14.5 TUS minimum, if we use a minimally good crabada, we will pay 18 TUS, so we can consider that, if we want to try to win, we will spend about 54 TUS in each mission. You can also not use them, and simply if you do mining expedition, consider that you will always lose and get the rewards we have mentioned. This is already more a decision of what can be more profitable and what crabbing equipment you have.

The other way we find, which we have just mentioned, is by renting our crabada. In tavern, we can rent our crabada so that other players can use them to attack or defend. In this case, the maximum that can rent our crabada is 12 times in a day, and if we estimate 18 TUS each time if we have a good crabada, we will get 216 TUS each day.

Finally, we find the breeding option. Where we can use two crab to breed, and get an egg. The egg after 5 days, we can get a crabada to sell it in the Marketplace and get the difference between the breeding cost and the price we sell it for. The costs are worth it if the crab has 0 or 1 breeding. From the 3rd breeding, the cost is higher than the price we will get for selling the crab. So, the strategy here is to buy crabada with 0 breeding, and use the crabada we get by breeding to continue breeding and increase the amount of crabada we have. Always keeping in mind that if you are a family you will not be able to breed together the crabada.

How much you can earn

Now that we know the different ways you can use the crabada to get other tokens and income, let’s see some estimates and calculations of what you can expect to earn.

First, though, let’s stress the importance that these are estimates if the prices and rewards are maintained. Something that if you have been around for some time, you will know that very rarely happens, and the estimates are closely linked to the price of TUS, since it is the main token we will get. So any relevant price change in TUS, can affect our profitability, both negatively and positively.

In other games, we have also seen that they have reduced rewards. Although this has not happened in crabada, it is something to keep in mind that it can happen. And finally, another risk is the overpopulation of NFT’s. If you take into account that your crabada is going to hold in value, and there are many crabada available, but no new demand to buy them, it is possible that the prices of these crabada will drop, as has been seen in games like Axie. So these are things to consider and take into account before looking at estimates.

The simplest way, and with less investment, is to buy a crabada and place it in the tavern to get TUS every time it is rented. This way is more passive, and you will not get as fast a return, but it is very good for smaller capitals that cannot spend thousands of $ in NFT’s.

If you buy a crabada, which are currently priced at 18,000 TUS a good one, you will be able to rent it for around 18 TUS 12 times a day. That’s 216 TUS every day, and it would take 83 days to get back the same amount of TUS invested. Still, it is more passive than gambling, and you should always try to set a competitive price to maximize the number of times your crab is rented.

If on the other hand you want to invest in a team of 3 crabada, and you play the 6 times each day, let’s estimate that 50% of the time you win, and the other 50% of the time you lose in the mining expedition. The cost of 3 normal crabada is 5.000$, at the current price of TUS, it is 45.000 TUS approximately.

If we take into account 50% of the times we win and lose playing 6 times, we will get every day 15,18 CRA and 1230,18 TUS. Here, we have to subtract that we will use crabada to defend and try to win, which is 18 TUS each time we want to use a crabada, and we will use 2 in each mining expedition, so 36 TUS. At the end of the day, we will spend 216 TUS.

In the end, we will get approximately 15.18 CRA and 1014 TUS each day. At the current price of CRA at $0.94 and TUS at $0.11, we will get $125 each day. So, in 40 days we should recover the investment and have earned $5,000 in rewards with TUS and CRA.

As you can see, if you play every day the 6 times it allows you, it is a very profitable game compared to just renting your crabada. You can find here an Excel to place your data and make estimates in a more accurate way.

Note that these estimates are playing every 4 hours, 6 times a day. If you sleep and you don’t have a bot or another person who can play, you can do the calculations by playing 4 or 5 times a day instead of 6. Besides always consider that the price of CRA or TUS, which is where you get more profit, can drop in price.

Regarding breeding, it is another profitable way but we leave this for another guide. In addition, it is not so much the play to earn function, but rather a way to accumulate crab through breeding and then make a profit once you have enough. Although you can also be very affected if the price of NFT’s drops in price due to overpopulation.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail what you can expect to earn playing Crabada and some estimates if the values do not change. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

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