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Best classes, factions and combinations in Crabada

Welcome to this post, where we will see the best classes and factions that are in crabada, along with the best combinations for a team of 3 and to win the maximum of fights.

The faction system was incorporated due to the great abuse of the bulk class in the game, where a team with 3 bulks won every time. This made the developers change the system and include the faction feature, which gives a 7% advantage if your faction is doing well against the other faction. Below, you can see the faction system, and which factions win against which.

This means that for example, if the lux faction fights against an ore faction team, the ore team will see its BP or battle points decrease by 7%. If your team does not have a defined faction, having 3 different faction crabadas, you will always have 3% less BP than your opponent.

Combat mechanics

This new faction feature, has turned the game into something similar to rock, paper, scissors or the element system in pokemon. This has made classes that were previously weaker by having less BP, can be competitive and even some classes are stronger than bulk with this change.

Due to the overpopulation of crabada bulk, being the strongest class before and more expensive, many players started to breed to have more bulk, it has made the classes with advantage to bulk, the most interesting. This is mainly because it is more likely to find a team with bulks, because they represent 48% of the total number of crabadas there are. This only 1 class, when there are 8 classes, is a very noticeable difference.

This has made the crabada with faeries and lux faction become much more popular and expensive. In this case the organic, prime and gem classes have benefited a lot from this update.

Although they are the best classes right now, because there are so many bulk, it does not mean that they will remain so in the future. If the amount of crab in circulation is distributed more evenly and there is a similar amount of the 8 classes, it is possible that there will not be a superior or very dominant class, due to the added functionality of the factions, that any class can be beaten by another, thanks to the 7% BP disadvantage.

Best teams

Before seeing which combinations are currently more interesting, some important aspects in the classes should be highlighted.

There are some classes that stand out for having better stats than the others, and in this case, bulk is still the class with more BP, which allows to have more points to win the fight. Due to the modification, it is not interesting to have 3 bulk or even 2 bulk, as there are many teams that benefit against the ore faction. But it is always interesting to have 1 bulk if you want to have the maximum BP to win the battle.

On the other hand, we have the prime class, which has the best MP stats, and if you want to have maximum mining power, it is a very good class to have in your team, either with all primes, or with primes and other combinations.

Also if we take into account the prices and you want to invest the minimum to have a team of 3, you can buy 2 of the same class and a prime or a bulk. With this new system, sometimes you will win by having the advantage of factions and sometimes you will lose with all classes. Therefore, you can buy 2 crabada of the same class that are the cheapest and finish your team with a bulk if you want to maximize BP, or with a prime to maximize MP.

Some teams for good BP are:

  • Gem+Gem+Bulk
  • Prime+Prime+Bulk
  • Organic+Organic+Bulk
  • Bulk+Bulk+Prime
  • Surge+Surge+Prime

Teams with good MP:

  • Prime+Prime+Prime
  • Craboid+Craboid+Prime
  • Ruined+Ruined+Prime
  • Sunken+Sunken+Prime

Of these combinations, the most interesting is the first and second with two gem or two prime and one bulk, but it is likely to be much more expensive as a team than the others. If you can have this team, you will be able to win more times as there are so many bulks in circulation. Although if you don’t want to invest so much, with a normal team adding a prime or bulk, you will also get good results for the price you will pay for those crabada.

I hope this has helped you to know in more detail how crabada work and which are the best equipment to start with. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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