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How to Delete your Binance Account and Data without a Trace

Welcome to this guide, where we are going to look at how you can delete your Binance account and all the data associated with it. To protect all your movements you have made within the platform.

In this tutorial we are going to focus on how to delete the account and all the data, and not only on how you can deactivate your account. Because when you deactivate your account, the data is still active in the Binance database.

Due to Binance’s moves to have more regulation, many users want to disassociate themselves from this platform and the data they have in order to avoid possible data exchange with the tax agencies of the countries. Therefore, if this is your case, it is important to delete your account and data, and not just deactivate your account. Because by deactivating the account, binance still keeps the users’ data. So let’s see how to do it.

To do this, we will go to the official binance website and log into our account. With the account logged in, we will have to click on the right hand side under support. Here, we will go to the account option, and deactivate account.

An automatic message will appear, and we will have to click on problem not solved. Now other questions will appear and click on not relevant. Finally, click on yes, transfer me to the customer service team.

We can then contact support to have our account and its data deleted. Now, we will receive a message from binance support, and we will have to indicate the following.

When we tell them that we want to delete the account and the data, we will receive a response similar to this one, saying that you can deactivate it yourself. So we will have to answer the following:


I do not want to disable my account, I want to delete it and all the data associated with it. According to the GDPR I have the right to rectification and deletion of my data. And the following link:

In this way, you will usually receive a response like the following, where they ask you for a photo or some form of authentication that you are the one who wants to delete the account and once you send it, they will delete your account and your data as you can see in the following message.

Depending on the support person, you may have problems sending the message with the link. If this is your case, I recommend you wait 6-8 hours and try again, as there is a rotation of customer support staff. But usually you won’t have any problems with this, and if it is the case you can warn them to take legal action in case they don’t want to delete your data. And with this, you are sure to receive a positive response.

Sometimes the requirements to confirm your identity are different from a photo, and they may ask for some more information, but once you send it to them you will have all your information and account deleted from Binance. Make sure you have no balance in your Binance account or they may ask for more information. So first withdraw all your cryptocurrencies before deleting your account. Credits for the information to crypto diary.

I hope it has helped you to know how you can delete your binance account and all the data linked to it. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

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