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PlantVsUndead Beginner’s Guide: Step by Step

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see a detailed guide of Plant Vs Undead and how you can start earning money in this Play to earn game.

This guide is designed for people who are just starting and want to know what is the minimum investment and what profitability we can start getting from the beginning.

Minimum investment

If you have never entered, the minimum investment is 5 PVU, which at the current price, is around 80-100$ to start playing. Always keep in mind the PVU price to see the minimum cost to get started.

Once you have your 5 PVU, the next step is to create an account and register to get started, and connect your wallet, be it metamask or other, as long as it supports the binance Smart chain.

With this done, go to the official website and go to farms. At the top right you will see a lightning bolt and click there. Here we click on PVU to LE, and you will see that the minimum is 5 PVU to be able to start planting, buy water and your scarecrow that you will need to start. Click on swap and you will have the LE in your account.

With the LE in your account we will go to shop and we will have to buy the following: small pot (50 LE), a pack of water (50 LE) and a pack of scarecrows (20 LE). With this you will be able to start planting with these 3 items.

You can buy BNB on binance to start playing and buy PVU, if you don’t have an account, you can create one just with the link below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


Buy your first plant

With the purchased items, go to the top where it says sunflower. Here you will see different types of sunflowers, and depending on your budget you can choose one or another. If we go with the minimum investment, it is best to buy the sunflower sapling (100 LE). Click on buy and confirm and that’s it. At the top right you will see how the LE that you have been using to buy will be discounted.

Place your plant

Now go back to farm, and you will see the main menu. Click on the plus button that appears, click on select the land that appears and is free, go to sunflowers and click on select. With the plant added to the land, we return to the farming part, where you will see the added plant.

What we have to do now is to add the pot we bought earlier. Select the plant and click on use in the pot on the left. Once you have placed the pot, you can no longer go back, and it will start generating LE every hour. In the case of the plant that we have taken to start, it generates 250 LE in 3 days and in its life cycle.

Although it is important to know certain aspects before leaving the plant and do nothing and wait for the 250 LE. Every day, before 0:00 UTC, you have to water your plant at least twice. Just watering twice is enough to keep the plant generating LE.

Add Water to your plant

Click on use on the left on the water, do the captcha, and click on ok. It is important to do it before 0:00 UTC, otherwise you will lose 50% of the LE production that your plant generates. You can do both waterings at once and in a row without any problem. There is no need to wait between waterings.

Another trick if you don’t know what time is 0:00 UTC, google utc now and you will see the time in UTC and you can look at the time in your country to see the time difference. In the case of Spain, UTC is two hours less, so 0:00 UTC in Spain is 2:00 AM the next day.

You will see that the soil changes color from brown to green once you have watered twice. If you click on the plant information in the small i, you will be able to see the larger plant with more details, and now we will have to track or watch the crows. This is because crows can sit and attack your plant, for this, we have bought the scarecrow. If a crow sits on your plant, your plant will generate 0 LE until you scare it away from the plant.

Crows can appear between 2 to 6 hours from the moment your plant starts generating LE. So you have to wait 2 hours minimum until a crow can appear on your plant. Once you have scared it away, there is again a minimum of 2 to 6 hours until it can appear.

The probability of a crow attacking your plant is 30%, so it does not mean that every 4 hours on average, a crow will appear on your plant. I recommend you to save in favorites or keep the tab open, in order to access with a single click to your plant and check if there are crows or not. This way, you will already have your first plant generating LE that you can later remove from the game.

Best Farming Strategies

Before talking about the best strategies, I would like to comment that the game can make changes and that the strategies are not so good, so I recommend you to see the changes that have been made before using these strategies. With this said, let’s see the best strategies today in plant vs undead.

The initial investment of this strategy is 10 PVU (190$ approx.) if you are new to the game, and 5.4 PVU (102$ approx.) if you have already started in the game and have the main packs. The profit we will get from this strategy is 1 seed, which is currently equivalent in the Marketplace 90 PVU, which is equivalent to 1,700$ approx. in addition to 500$ approx. that it generates passively for 30 days doing the whole system.  The strategy is 30 days, and the net profit is about 2100$ in the case of investing 5.4 PVU. In the case of starting from 0, and investing 10 PVU, the profit would be 2000$, if we sell the seed and we get the most common one and the price of the seed is maintained.

The strategy is based on buying 1 sunflower sapling and 1 sunflower mama. We plant and water them both, and scare the crows away, at the same time that we do the daily missions. We water our neighbors’ plants and scare the crows away. Now comes the most interesting part. Watering a plant of our neighbors, gives us the chance to get a sunflower sapling, the small one. If we take a plant and water it between 0 and 19 times, we will have a 10% chance of getting a seed.

The sunflower sapling plant has a cycle of 3 days, where it will generate LE if we take care of it and avoid the crows. If we do it right, we will get 50 LE each day, and 4.5 saplings per probability if we do it in 15 irrigations. If we water the plant between 0-19 or 20-39, the strategy will work, but do not water more times than mentioned. Although if necessary, you can water up to a maximum of 99 times. Avoid watering 100, as you will not receive any sapling if you do. The strategy will seek to get as many saplings as possible.

If we have a 10% chance of getting saplings, if we water 15 times a day, we will get on average 1.5 seeds. If we do things right, we will get between 4-5, with an average of 4.5 saplings every three days. With these odds, at the end of the month you should get around 40.5 saplings.

The other part, is that if we scare away a crow, we have a 10% chance of getting 2 saplings. And maybe you ask yourself, why do we want so many saplings. In update 2.0, they have added the option to exchange 100 saplings for a seed. And inside the seed, you can get any plant of any rarity. So, we have said that the value of the seed is equivalent to $1,700 at the current market price.

Therefore, the strategy is based on watering and scaring crows. Once the cycle of 3 days and 6 days in the sunflower mama has passed, we are going to reinvest with the LE generated, to buy the plants again and continue with the cycle of getting 100 saplings and exchange them for a seed after 30 days. Since the plants generate more LE than they cost, you will be able to reinvest and buy at the end of each cycle the plant to continue accumulating saplings seeds. Above all, do not spend the saplings, as we will need the 100 to change them, when the sunflower saplings finish the cycle, use the LE to buy more sunflower sapling and continue with the production.

I hope this post has helped you to start playing plant vs undead and to know the best strategy to start earning money. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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    Thanks about the tip of Soil turning brown, I’ve always wondered why I always get less than 200 LE when I harvest. I always watered my plants once a day and thought as long as the water is not 0 I will be fine

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