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How to Get Started in Pegaxy From 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see a guide to Pegaxy, one of the most popular games of the moment and that is generating a lot of interest.

Pegaxy, is a game that is on the polygon/matic network, so it is something different from all the games that we usually see in the binance Smart chain. With a different concept of futuristic horse racing with different types of horses, which affect the possibility of winning more or less races.

What is Pegaxy

In this game you have to race horses, which are called pegas. And these pegas are supposedly descendants of pegasus, the mythical winged horse of classical Greece. But with the difference that this game is in the future. Since these horses are mechanic and futuristic.

Although we are going to talk about this game, as a horse racing game with its metaverse for less complications. In the game, you can buy horses, breed new horses, race them to win tokens and even rent your horses to other players in exchange for a % of the profits or a specific amount of the token on the platform.

A very similar format to the scholarships in Axie Infinity. Although in this game it is done in a much more automated way.

Play to Earn

The play to earn format of the game is quite similar to Axie. In the sense that there are two game tokens. The governance token, which is PGX, which would be the equivalent of AXS in Axie. And on the other hand, the reward token, which is VIS, equivalent to what would be SLP in Axie.

A very good aspect is that you can rent or sell your horses for PGX or USDT if you want a token that has no price variation. But the token you will get for winning races is VIS.           

How to start earning money


In order to start earning money in this game, we find three possible ways. If you don’t have money to invest, you can try to find a scholarship. Many companies focused on scholarships are looking to expand Axie Infinity in pegaxy and you will be able to receive a horse to race for free, in exchange for a % of the profits you make on the horse. What this means is that you will have to play the game with the horse your manager gives you, with an automatic rental system, which directly divides the % of the profits you make from winning races.

When the time expires, the horse will be automatically returned to the owner. It is a much simpler and automated way to use scholarships in this game, compared to Axie, where other accounts must be created.

You can go to the Marketplace and try to rent a horse for free. The problem is that they run out very quickly, so it is very difficult if you don’t talk to a manager first. Usually, the split is 80-20 between the manager and the grantee. Even if you only get 20%, you can earn more money than in Axie as a scholarship holder. And the game is very simple, you just have to press a few buttons every few hours. Watch your horses run, and be lucky to win as many times as possible.

The game is currently automated, so you can only watch the races to see if you win. So it does not matter the individual skill of the players, as it only depends on the horse and its stats. Although there will surely be changes in the future, where they are thinking of implementing more strategic decisions before and during the race, to have an impact on the outcome.

This will include different parts of the horse’s armor, which will improve some stats such as food with a similar performance to the armor. Although the game will surely for the most part, it will still be an automated game, depending on luck.

One good aspect about the armor or food parts, is that they will serve as a mechanism to burn VIS and help stabilize the token and not have so much selling pressure. Currently if you are on scholarship, you can run up to 3 horses, which usually gives around $12 a day, depending on the price of VIS, your luck and the split you have with your manager.

It is not a very time consuming game, as it is mostly automated, and you will just have to watch the horses run and see if you win the race. The races are 12 horses, and only the top 3 will receive VIS. The first gets 105 VIS, the second 44 and the third 26 VIS.

Another way to play is to rent a horse paying 40 PGX for one day. This is equivalent to 20$. And if you are lucky, you can win more than what you have paid to rent the horse and get a profit. Although this will depend on the luck you may have and in some cases you will earn money and in others you will pay more than what you can get from VIS.

Buying a horse

The other way is to buy your own horse. You can go directly to the Marketplace, and you can use different filters to buy the type of horse you want. If you want the cheapest, just filter by lowest price. The price is usually in USDT. So you will need to have USDT in your wallet to be able to buy your horse.

The price difference between horses will depend on their bloodlines, rarity, % of wins and breeding counter. In the game there are 4 different bloodlines. The rarest is haas, the least rare is component, uncommon is clin and the most common is zan. You can see that they are different in appearance with their wing designs and in the future they will continue to change and improve their design, so that you can see more clearly the differences between different bloodlines.

We also found 5 different types of rarities. The founding pegas are the rarest. These were created and not born. The team created these 5,000 pegas, and everything that comes after these pegas, has been created through the breeding system of the game, by putting two pegas together. So they are the most valuable, and they will surely become more valuable as the game continues to grow. Then, we find other rarities, such as legendary, epic, rare and pacer as the most common.

While this can be a bit confusing, this doesn’t matter in terms of racing. The only thing that really matters is the winning percentage that you can see before you buy the horse. You will be able to see that most have a win rate or winning % of between 20 to 25%. With this, you can expect to win about 5 races a day out of the 25 races you can do each day.

So, if you buy the cheapest horse, it is going to give you the same or very similar results as other more expensive horses such as rare horses. The only difference is their appearance and rarity in aspects of collecting and advantages outside of racing. Such as less time to breed, and less time for the horse you have bred to start racing, or breed on its own.

If you only want to race or rent your horses, you can buy the horse cheaper and you will get good results. Just focus on the win rate % or win ratio, as it will be what will be relevant to get the return on your investment.

Also note that there are male and female horses, but this is only relevant for breeding. You will only be able to breed up to 7 times with each horse. And each time, the cost will be higher and higher to breed new horses.

I hope it has helped you to know in more detail how pegaxy works and the relevant aspects of this game. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

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