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How to breed Pegas in Pegaxy: Ultimate Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can breed different horses in pegaxy and the best strategies to get a good profitability with this feature of the game.

We will see all the information you need, and we will rely on the documentation that pegaxy has about breeding and its operation to not leave out any relevant detail. So let’s start with our pegaxy breeding guide. 

Breeding Cost

Currently the breeding cost that you can see in the documentation is not updated. So, the PGX breeding cost is correct, but the VIS cost is different from the one you can see in the documentation.

Actually, the VIS cost starts with 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, and so on continuously up to 7 breedings. So keep this cost in mind, and not the amount of VIS that you see in the documentation, although it is possible that it is already updated.

Note that right now, with the prices of the tokens, it is only profitable to breed up to 3 times, since the 4th time has a too high cost, for the price that you can sell the horse you have bred.

Also note that there are no limitations of breeding with parents or grandparents, as it represents that the horses are robots as they are futuristic. So you will be able to use the horse you get by breeding with its father or mother, or with its grandparents.

Pegaxy breeding chart

Bloodlines and rarities

The bloodlines we found Sickle as the rarest. So you will need two Sickles, in order to get another Sickle. And if you breed any other bloodline with a zan, you will always get a zan. You can see below a chart as it illustrates the different combinations of bloodlines.

The way it works, is that you’re going to get the less rare of the two horses used. So that is something to consider.

Rarities is also another factor to consider. The way it works is somewhat different than what we’ve seen in other games. In order to get a particular rarity, you’ll have to combine two horses of the same rarity, and you’re always going to get a lower rarity.

For example, by joining two founding, you will get a legendary. With two legendaries, an epic. So you will always get a lower rarity from the horse with the lower rarity. So the ideal is to use horses of the same rarity whenever you can. Although currently rarities do not have a utility, beyond collecting, in the future we will see applications to the different types of existing rarities.

The only utility is the access to the 3d beta if you have a founding or legendary horse.


Another aspect to consider are the cooldowns or waiting times once you have bred a horse. When you breed a horse, instead of getting an egg as in Axie, you get a baby pega.

And for this baby pega to be used, there are some waiting times, depending on the bloodline. At the lowest bloodline, you will have to wait 96 hours to use it for breeding and for racing. The better the bloodline, the shorter the waiting time to breed or use your horse for racing. This is a format to limit the demand for horses, and to avoid an over population as has happened in other games, where horses would then lose value when there is a large quantity.

You will have to use a male and a female, and the possibility of getting one gender or the other is totally random in 50% each. What can happen is that you only get one gender, and you can’t use them to breed with each other. Fortunately, in the discord you can make P2P exchanges always being careful not to be scammed, to change your male for female or vice versa and to use your horses with the one you have exchanged to continue breeding. Use one of their verified intermediaries to avoid being scammed if you want to use this option.

Prices and profitability

Now that we know how it all works it’s time to go to the Marketplace and look at some numbers.

What you want to do, is first filter by the bloodline that you are going to use or that are your horses to breed, for example sickle. Now, you should see what horses are available to buy if you don’t already have them and once selected, you should look at what price they sell for once used 3 times.

As we have mentioned, after the 3rd time it is no longer profitable to continue breeding. So let’s see what price we can get for a horse of the bloodline you are going to use and with 3 or more breeding uses. This can vary with the price of the tokens and the price of the horses in the Marketplace, so you have to take it into account.

Breeding strategy

Let’s look at a case with the Sickle bloodline, and with a somewhat high budget. You can do the same calculations with other bloodlines and see the results and profitability, although the cost will be the same, the main difference is the price of the horse to breed if you don’t have it yet.

But currently the cost of the first breeding is $500, the second breeding $1,000 and the third around $1,500. If we use sickle horses with 0 breeding at a cost of $2,300 each, male and female, we have a total expense of $7,500.

The value of the horses we will get by breeding is $9,100, $2,300*3 horses we will get by breeding 3 times, and the price of the horses with 3 breeding in the Marketplace, which is around $1,100. Also, take into account the time it takes, which in the case of sickle is 7 days to breed the 3 horses. What we will get 1,600$ approximately after these 7 days if we manage to sell all the horses and the prices stay the same. Which is about 20% in one week.

Always keep in mind that the prices vary and it can affect you positively if the price of the horses goes up, or the opposite. So always keep this in mind, the risk of volatility of these assets, if you buy at times when they are at highs and then fall in value, or if they continue to rise.

I hope it has helped you to know the best strategies to raise pegaxy pegas. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

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