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How to Get Started in Bombcrypto From 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can start playing cryptobomb and everything you should know about this game.

We are going to look at all aspects related to bombcrypto so that you have all the information before you start playing.

Bombcrypto is a game on the binance Smart chain that has become popular in recent months and is a game mode based on the NFT’s within your game and is played automatically.

How to play

The game mechanic is through heroes that are purchased with your cryptocurrency, BCOIN. These heroes go around the map placing bombs and destroying chests to get rewards. This is done automatically. The chests get you BCOIN that you can later withdraw to exchange for another cryptocurrency, or use them to buy more heroes in the game.

You will be able to see when you enter their game, that there is the chest, shop, house and heroes section.

In chest, is where you have all your inventory. Here you can see your heroes that you have purchased, and select each hero to see their stats. If you don’t have a hero, you should go to shop. Here you will see the cost of 1 hero, which if there has been no change in prices, is 10 BCOIN per hero.

So depending on the price of BCOIN, a hero will have a higher or lower cost. You will also be able to directly buy 10 heroes if you want to make a bigger investment in the game. By having more heroes, the faster you will clear the maps of chests and the more bcoin you will get before your heroes get tired, which we will now see how it works.

There is also the possibility of buying houses, with a house limit of 5,000. Although for the moment they are somewhat expensive and it is not well known how useful they will be. But if you trust the game, it is a way to invest before they have more utility and their price rises if it is the case.

Once you have bought your heroes, go to heroes and unlock them. You will see different options in each hero, where we find work, rest and home. If you have not used them, you will see that your heroes are full with the bar full of green color. Click on work, and your heroes will clean the map of chests and get rewards.

You can also level up your heroes in upgrade, and increase stats like power or damage by upgrading them. Each hero has different stats, power, speed, stamina, bomb num and bomb range. To upgrade your hero, click on upgrade and you will have to use another hero that will be lost or burned to level up your hero. So you will lose a hero, but you will get to upgrade a hero at the same time.

At the moment there is only one map, treasure Hunt, but in the future there will be other maps available. An important aspect to consider is that you need at least 40 BCOIN to withdraw the generated BCOIN to your in-game wallet.

Map and how it works

Now you can see the map. The objective of this game is that your heroes go around the map and place bombs in the chests to get BCOIN. Depending on the rarity you can place only 1 bomb at a time or more than one at the same time. The chests take a long time to be destroyed and especially if you have few heroes or common heroes, which are the ones with the worst stats.

Once you have cleared all the chests, you clear the map and move on to the next one. So if you only have 1 hero it is complicated to clear the map and it becomes very slow. It is important that you keep the tab open to keep clearing the different chests on the map. If we go back to heroes, you can see the energy bar as it is decreasing as they run around the map.

As you can see the game is very simple and works automatically, the only thing you have to keep an eye on is to have the tab open for your heroes to clean the map. Also, keep in mind that if you have few heroes, it will take you a long time to clear a map and advance to the next one, and the profitability may be lower with few heroes than with a large number of them, or heroes of high rarity.

I hope this has helped you to know in more detail how bombcrypto works and that you can start playing. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

How much can you earn on Bomb Crypto

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