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How much and how you can earn money on Bombcrypto

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how much and how you can earn playing bombcrypto, as well as all the aspects you should take into account.

 If you are curious what profitability you can get playing bombcrypto, and the different ways to get money in this play to earn game, let’s see it below. If you don’t know the game, in our page you can find a detailed guide of how it works and the different mechanics it has.

How you can earn

To earn money playing bombcrypto we will need to buy heroes. These heroes can be used to clear the maps full of chests, which once we destroy with our heroes, we will get BCOIN.

The different rewards can vary, but currently we have 0.008 BCOIN for a wooden chest, 0.024 for a silver chest, 0.12 for a gold chest and 0.256 for a diamond chest. These chests will be found on the map, and as you can imagine, there will be more wooden chests and it will be more complicated to find diamond chests.

Once we have cleared the map with our heroes and finished with all the chests, we will appear in a new map with chests to continue playing. The heroes have a limit and once they have exhausted all their energy they will need to rest to continue running around the map destroying chests.

For the moment, this is the only way to get tokens, in this case BCOIN. Although we can also buy and sell heroes in the Marketplace, and in the future the houses will also have a utility and will generate BCOIN for the users. Another option is to level up your heroes and try to sell them in the Marketplace for a higher price, but this is more about knowing what is good and not so much the play to earn function of the game. But for the moment, we only have the map and the chests.

How much you can earn

Before going into more detail of how much you can earn, mention that these variables can change, and we have already seen in this game how they have reduced the rewards of the chests, where you used to get more BCOIN for each chest destroyed. This can affect the profitability and what you can earn by playing. And these are aspects that you can’t control and it’s totally up to the team whether they decide to reduce or increase the rewards. We have already seen this kind of actions in many games, which seem very profitable and reduce the rewards from one day to another, so it is an aspect to take into account.

Another very relevant aspect is the price of BCOIN, since it is the way where the rewards are obtained. If the price is much lower than when you bought your heroes, it will be complicated to get a good return. And the same happens in the opposite case, if you buy your heroes and the price increases a lot in value, it is very possible that you will get a great profitability by playing. This is important because we have already seen BCOIN that has reached $8 to return to $0.50, a big difference and that makes the profitability vary a lot.

Regarding how much BCOIN you can get in a day or month, it is also a difficult aspect to answer. Since it will depend on having more or less heroes, their rarity and luck to find good chests on the maps. Although it is difficult to make an estimate, the most interesting thing is to have several heroes and level up some of them, since, with few heroes, the map is very slow to finish and the rewards you get are slower.

So I recommend you to enter with a good amount of heroes, since the profitability can be much higher than having 1-5 heroes. Since, with few heroes, it will be more complicated to be able to destroy many chests and clear the map quickly.

Also, always keep in mind that to withdraw your earnings you will need at least 40 BCOIN accumulated, so if you have few heroes it can take several months to reach that number and then be able to withdraw your BCOIN to your wallet to sell them.

I hope it has helped you to learn more about how much and how you can earn playing bombcrypto, one of the most popular games at the moment. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

Begginner's guide on Bomb Crypto

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