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How to Get Started in Block Brawler Mobox From 0 | Beginners Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how the new Mobox game Block Brawler works and everything you need to know starting from 0.

The game has a similar format to the famous brawl star, but with different aspects and in the Mobox ecosystem. In this guide, we will review everything you should know as a beginner and the best choices for the moment to be a better player.

It is important to know that the game is in beta, and there may be changes to what we are going to see below in the future. So I recommend you to always check if they have made any updates or changes on their social networks such as twitter, telegram or discord. With that said, let’s get started.


The first thing you are going to see when you click on the game, are the different characters. Currently there are 6 different types of characters available, and each with different characteristics. We will have to choose one of the 6 characters to advance in the game.

This is quite personal, if you prefer characters with more damage, more defense or more balanced. It will often depend on your enemy whether one character is better than another. But in general, the storm ranger is one of the most balanced characters in the game. She has balanced stats and some with better characteristics than other characters.

Main menu

Once you have chosen your character, you will see the main menu. In the interface, at the top left, you will see the level and name of your character. Click there and click on change name if you want to change it. You will also see the number of crowns you have.

At the top, you will see the male points, further to the right the inventory, the gold and finally the amount of MBOX tokens you have. This is the currency of the ecosystem and is used in all the games.

On the left side of the main menu we find hero, skill, melt, forge and refine. In the lower part, you can see the hero, minecraft, battles, dungeon and ranking.

And on the right side, you can see what your character has equipped. Also, above your character you can see the damage your character does and the name. And below, the stats you have. If you click on the i, you can see all the stats in more detail, and a description of what each one is.

 Your hero will start from level 1, and you will have to level him up. To level him up, we will need gold coins. You can only level up with these coins.

To equip your character, you can use 8 squares, and each square is a type of equipment. For example, an amulet, a sword, gloves, among others. Each item will give you stats for your hero.

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In skill, here you will be able to see the skills that your characters can cast. You will be able to see different categories of skills: damage, control, summon, healing.

In each section you can see the different skills, and you can really see that there are a lot of them. We are not going to focus on each skill so as not to make it too long, but you can see which ones are better and what each of them does by clicking on each one.

In summoning, there are spells where you can summon characters, either one or several to help you in the fight. Although the maximum is 6. You can also see skills with the same symbol but different color, since they are the same but vary in some specific aspect. Already, for example, more damage but it is slower to be able to throw it again.

The maximum number of skills you can currently have is 6, which you will have to select in relation to your hero to choose the best combination.

Melt or melt

While playing, you will receive armor and other items as rewards. You will receive these items for free for playing, and many times, you will not be interested in everything you get. You only want the best ones for your character.

So with them, in melt, you can melt them to get better items. As you can see on the right side, there are different rarities of items. The legendary being the best, and the common being the worst.

In the main menu, if you click on equip all, the game automatically equips your character with the best items you have in your inventory. So, in melt you will only get the items that are the worst, and you can select them all, and with the gold of the game click on melt.

You will get a warning if you want to melt a legendary item, to avoid mistakes, although sometimes you will want to do it even though it is legendary if you already have a better item.  At the top of the inventory, you can see the amount you have and the maximum available. So, melt is useful to empty your inventory.

When you click on melt and pay the gold it asks for, you will receive better items, and melt points that we will see their use later. Once you have melted your items, go back to the main menu and click on equip all, to see if there is a better item that you did not have equipped, and it will equip it automatically. And now you can go through the same process again with your inventory.


In forge, is where we will use the melt points that we have obtained previously. Here, we will generate legendary items. On the right side, we would choose the level of the legendary item we want, being level 100 the best.

To use it, select the level you want your item, choose the type of equipment, either sword, shield or other, and click on forge. And in this simple way, paying with melt points, you will have your equipment upgraded. Keep in mind that you will have to be the level of the weapon to be able to equip it, so do not forge items of very high levels if you are just low level.

Refine or refine

Here, if you select any legendary item, you will be able to upgrade it. You will upgrade them with melt points. So you will have to melt items to get melt points, and use them to upgrade your equipment in forge or refine.


This is where your momos are going to mine. In this section, is the only one where we can use the MOMO’s we have. You will not be able to use them to fight or other things. They can only be used for mining. In the MOMO’s tab you can see them and what each one mines.

It is the same number as the hash power of your momo. For example, if you have 1600 hash power, you can distribute what you want your MOMOs to mine. Be it gold, equipment and skills. You can distribute your MOMO’s mining power as you want at any time.

You will also be able to see the amount that each category generates from time to time, whether it is gold, equipment or skills. The ideal is to find the perfect balance, because if for example you set the equipment to the maximum, the hash power it consumes can be very high and not worth it for what you get, instead of having it at a more intermediate level.

In skill, you will receive some books that you will need to unlock skills, and level them up. For example, to raise a skill to 10, you will need 200 skill books.

It is important to know that every 8 hours you will have to reclaim what you have mined to continue accumulating and generating more. After 8 hours, you will stop mining.


There are different arenas in combat, where from level 1 to level 39 you start in mushroom jungle.

From level 40, the arena changes and it is ice desert where you will fight. To fight, simply click on match, and here you must choose your opponent.

You will be able to see before choosing the level, the character you have, and the number of crowns you have. As your character levels up, his stats will also improve. When you are in battle, on the left side you can also see the missions and claim the rewards for playing. In battle record you can see your game history.

When you win a fight, you will receive crowns, which are used to climb the ranking. Every 1 you can have one more battle, up to 20 battles that accumulate. The game is fully automatic, as you can see when you fight. And you will be able to see the skills that the opponent has in the fight and the level they are at.


In dungeon, it is the PVE part against the game. Click on challenge, and it is the same as PVP, but against the machine. It is an automatic combat with your character and your skills.

Here, you will not get crowns, as it is not competitive, but you will receive gold and skill books. A good feature is that you can click on auto challenge, and you can leave the game in automatic without having to be aware of clicking on fight.

If you lose, you won’t lose anything for the moment. Here, you will find different levels, and you will have to go through waves to go to the next level. It gets harder and harder, but the rewards you get are better.

Normally you will reach a certain level, and you will have to upgrade your character to continue advancing. The ideal is to fight in dungeon first and upgrade your character before fighting in PVP. In dungeon there is no limit like in PVP which has the 20 maximum games and every hour you have one more.

How much you can earn

Currently the game only gives Mobox tokens to the best in the ranking, either in PVP or dungeon. There are different rankings in different arenas, so if you are over level 40, but you are not the top level, you can still get a good ranking in your arena if you have a good character and a good team.

The rewards you receive are for the first 200 in each category, at the end of the season, which lasts for a week. So every week if you reach the top 200 of any ranking, you can get a good amount of mobox tokens.

I hope it has helped you to know how to start in the best way in block brawler and to know the best options. Remember, if you don’t have an account with Binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

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