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How to Get Started in Chain Guardians From 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can start playing chain guardians and all that this game has to offer.

It is one of the best NFT games with a great development. You might not see many people talking about this game, because you can’t earn money directly like with other games at the moment.

Currently chain guardians has an RPG game, a mode where you can use your NFTs in farmings on other platforms to get cryptocurrencies, and they are working on a superhero PVP mode, with e-sports competitions. The game is totally free to start playing, and all you need is time.

What is Chain guardians

Chain guardians has been in development for more than two years with their team, so it is not a game that has just become popular all at once. They are also working on a launchpad of other games that can be released on their own platform. Which has boosted the price of their cryptocurrency.

In addition to having cross chain compatibility with their cryptocurrency, which we find it on different networks such as BSC or ethereum.

One of the most interesting parts of Chain guardians are the limited characters. For example, bitsee, and we click on view guardian, you can see that it has another appearance. Because it is the original, there are only a few units.

In the game you can find NFT characters and other characters that are not NFT’s. Or that for the moment can not be sold in any Marketplace. But there are others that you can use in the mining games and in the RPG.

Chain Guardians RPG

Let’s go into the RPG to take a closer look. In the RPG you can summon characters and build your teams for campaign mode and battle. In addition to the PVP itself and has raid of final monsters or boss.

Then there are also items or objects, which you can buy from the store. It has many elements of an RPG, and it is not like one of these that you just press a button and it plays by itself, like crypto blades.

One of the best parts is when you create your account, you can link your account with metamask. When you have linked your metamask, you can also create a log in with your email if that is more convenient. So you can log in on other computers that do not have your metamask.

If you want to play as a totally free to play without paying anything, and start generating certain things in the game, you can summon a character every 24 hours, and get a common character.

There are three different ranks of units, lieutenant, which can be common, uncommon and rare. You also have soldiers or soldiers. And these, every time you lose a combat you’re going to lose a soldier. And if you use a healing potion on a hero, you are going to lose 50 soldiers. So keep this in mind.

When you start you’re going to have one character, one lieutenant and four soldiers. And if you log in every day, you can have 5 lieutenants, and you can level up. You can make team formations. The ideal is to balance the elements in your team.

Then we have the fusion of heroes. This is a very good option. You can merge 9 one-star lieutenants (common), to get a two-star lieutenant. And so on, 9 two-star lieutenants to get the 3-star lieutenant. And 9 of 3 stars to mine a NFT, an in-game hero.

The NFT heroes in the game you will see that they have different stats, a weapon, an armor and a skill. And you can level them up.

If we go to campaign, there are many different worlds. We will go to bitcoin stage 1. We click on begin and you will have to spend a lot of time to find the farms. What happens is that if one of your heroes dies or your lieutenants die, you will not be able to use them in 48 hours. So you must try to make sure that none of your characters die.

Although you can pay the in-game currency to revive them and be able to use them before the 48 hours that should pass.

The fight mode is that you must use the character with the opposite element that the enemy has. At the top right you can see which elements do more damage to the others, and for example, if the enemy has green on his head, you must use the character with the red attack.

When you win you will get experience for your characters, FIAT, which is a not very important in-game currency, and some items. This is the campaign mode, and as you advance it becomes more complicated.

We also find the PVP and the raid boss. In the raid boss it is advisable not to use many soldiers, in my case I like to use 5, because inevitably, it will kill all the characters you use to fight. For this reason, the ideal is to use the soldiers, because you can sacrifice 5 soldiers per round, and get CGC which is the internal currency of the game.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


CGC Token

CGC at this moment there is no way to withdraw it from the game to earn money. Because cgc is an internal currency of the game. Currently there is talk of making a conversion from cgc to CGG which is the platform token that you can buy and sell currently.

You can use this cgc to revive characters. The cost is 3 cgc per character. You can also save and use the cgc you have to get more characters, for example 1,000 cgc to get a rare, or 5,000 for a rare. Keeping in mind that if you get 9 of rare that cost 5,000 cgc you can exchange them for a NFT hero that has value.


This is the part of launchpool launched by the platform itself and where you can invest in new projects or IDO having Chain guardians tokens.

It works as follows, you have a boostscore, and based on your boostscore it gives you a % of being able to participate in the projects that are going to launch and be able to invest in them. You will need 500 CGG to be able to verify your identity and be able to participate in the investment rounds in new projects.

In the new projects you can show interest, and depending on your boostscore, you will be more likely to be able to enter the launch and be able to buy the tokens of that project.

The boostscore depends on the amount of CGG tokens you have and the time you have been playing games like Chain Guardians RPG also help to have a higher score.

I hope it has helped you to learn more in detail about this game and everything it brings apart from the Chain Guardians game. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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