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Shiba Inu listing in Roobinhood News | Latest News

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see the latest news about Shiba Inu and Roobinhood, in order to know when this cryptocurrency is going to be listed in one of the main investment platforms in the United States.

For this, we will see the latest that the CEO of Roobinhood has said about new listings within their platform, in order to know if they are really going to list Shiba Inu or not.

Roobinhood’s Impact

The interest for Shiba Inu to be listed on Roobinhood comes because of the large amount of users that this platform has, and that do not invest in cryptocurrencies, but in other financial assets. And by adding new cryptocurrencies on its platform, it is very possible that many of these investors will place some of their funds in them.

Roobinhood is one of the main platforms in stocks and different financial assets of investors in the United States, a market with a large capital and investment. And over time they have been adding some other cryptocurrency as we saw with doge coin.

This makes that if they list shiba inu in roobinhood, it is very possible that the demand will increase and there will be many users who did not compare this cryptocurrency, but being on the platform they use, if they decide to invest. Since it is much easier for many investors, especially people of a higher age, to operate in roobinhood than having to open an account in a cryptocurrency Exchange and do all the processes to use their funds there.

In addition to the confidence that many investors have in roobinhood and surely do not have in a cryptocurrency exchange, which are usually less regulated and over the years we have seen several exchanges that have disappeared with the money of their customers.

For this reason, it is a way to reach new users who would like to invest in some cryptocurrency like Shiba Inu but do not want to move their funds or use new platforms that they do not know and do not trust so much.

These reasons is what makes it so attractive that Shiba Inu can be listed on roobinhood and make its price skyrocket.

Words from the CEO

We could recently see the CEO being asked if they intend to add more cryptocurrencies to their platform, specifically Shiba Inu. Although he didn’t talk specifically about Shiba Inu, he commented that they have been listening to customers loudly and who have been the ones making the most noise are the Shiba Inu community.

The main problem is regulation, as roobinhood had problems in the past for not letting some stocks trade within a certain time. This makes them very cautious and they want to have all aspects well regulated and avoid penalties or possible problems.

He commented that they want to add more cryptocurrencies in the future, but they are keeping an eye on regulatory aspects, as well as verifying that they do not have problems with their cryptocurrencies. Since they must have their own liquidity and other aspects that with shares does not happen, being such a poorly regulated market, and roobinhood such a supervised platform, they must be very aware of the regulation before listing a new cryptocurrency.

Although a concrete date is not known, there were rumors that it was going to be listed in February, it is nothing more than speculation and we really do not know a concrete date. What we can be almost sure, is that the next cryptocurrency to appear on this platform, will be Shiba Inu, being the most demanded by the community.

Also, mention that roobinhood is working on creating wallets to allow its customers to withdraw cryptocurrencies, and not as it is currently, that you can only buy and sell, but not withdraw them to another platform or wallet. This is also an aspect to take into account as it may delay the listing, wanting to first enable this option before a new cryptocurrency appears on your platform, and allow your customers to also withdraw cryptocurrencies to another location.

I hope it has helped you to know in detail the latest news about Shiba Inu on Roobinhood and if it is really going to be listed. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one below.

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