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KuCoin customer support

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can contact KuCoin customer support and solve any problem you may have.

To do this, you will need to log in to your kucoin account and go to the service and support center below, or you can go to the url Here, you will see information about the most common problems and in case you can’t find a solution, click on submit a request.

This will take you to a form where we will select the type of problem, and we will fill in our account information, user and the problem we have to receive a response.

The time it takes to respond to the problem depends a lot on the moment, sometimes it can take several days, and sometimes in less than 24 hours you will have received an answer to your problem by mail.

kucoin customer support number

KuCoin does not have a customer support number. But you will see a chatbot on the right hand side of the computer below to speak to an operator via chat.

This can help you solve some problems, and is currently the only thing there is and is more similar to a number to call. Even so, I recommend you use the chatbot and in case it takes too long or you don’t get your question solved, fill in the form above to receive an answer via e-mail.

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