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How to view your earnings in DEFI Kingdoms

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see a way to see all the information of your account in DEFI Kingdoms, either your earnings in gardens or doing quests with your heroes.

Thanks to an event organized by DEFI Kingdoms, where they encouraged users to create pages to follow all your path in DEFI Kingdoms, with a prize for the first one of 1,000 JEWEL, we have been able to see great pages with very valuable information.

In this case, we are going to see one of the pages of the contest, but at the end of the article I will leave you with the top 10 so you can see which one you like the most and fits what you are interested in.

These pages or applications are designed so that you can know all the information of your DEFI Kingdoms account, because, if you have to look at the Harmony browser and see every transaction, you can spend hours and hours, especially if you have heroes and do daily quests.

Now, thanks to these applications, just by entering your wallet address, you can find very useful information, either to know what you have earned, how much tax you should pay, or what your account is worth today.


How to know the rewards you have earned

The page we will use is You can access it here. As we have mentioned, at the end of the article you can find other similar applications that may be more suited to what you are looking for, but we personally liked this one for its interface and ease of use.

Once you enter, simply paste the address of your wallet. You will be able to see how it starts to load, and in onverview you will be able to see in different sections the amount you have in your account. You will be able to see the total amount you have in bank, gardens, heroes and in your inventory, with its value in $. Always keep in mind that this is an estimate.

Now, in dfktracker you can click on any category below to see more detailed information about your account. For example, if we go to quests, you will be able to see everything you have generated so far. It is one of the most interesting options, to calculate the profitability that your heroes have given you so far, and what you generate every day in the quests. Always keep in mind that the value you see is an equivalent in $ and depends on the price of the different tokens in the game at that moment.

In quests, besides seeing the total and what you have generated today, you will be able to see your inventory and all the transactions and missions you have done, with what you have achieved in each one of them. Sometimes, when you do a quest and you are doing other things, you may not know what you have achieved. You can use this application to see it, as you will be able to see what you have achieved in all the missions.

Also, dfktracker allows you can export to Excel all this information to make your own calculations and estimates, exporting a specific period of time or all the time you have been doing missions with your heroes.

Taxes in DEFI Kingdoms

Another very interesting section that can make your life very easy is tax reporting. This will depend on each country and its legislation, but it is an estimate of what you have generated in DEFI Kingdoms, and the amount that should be declared to pay taxes. In addition, you have different accounting methods to estimate your income, such as FIFO, HIFO and LIFO. To see in each situation which one adapts better to your legislation and the type of event it is to calculate it.

Even so,it is a very useful tool to use in conjunction with a tax advisor and know correctly what you should declare and pay in taxes. You will be able to see all the transactions with the amount you have won or lost, in its equivalent dollar value.

Other Functions

In addition to quests and tax report, you can find different categories to know all the details of your account. The transaction history section is worth mentioning if you want to have all your transaction history with its $ value and be able to export it to Excel.

Also in Marketplace you can find the total volume you have moved in different exchanges, the total you have in your inventory with its equivalent value in $, and the profit loss you have achieved with the DFKTEARS token or other.

Here, you will be able to follow all the transactions in the Marketplace and see all the trades you have made, with their value in $. Also, below you can see the trades you have made with the vendor for Gold.

Another very interesting section is gardens if you have LP Tokens, so you can see what you have generated during this time. You will be able to find the value of your current LP Tokens, the value of the locked JEWEL tokens you have, and the estimated daily, weekly and monthly profit you get with the current annual %. Under net profit/loss you will see a breakdown of the amount of JEWEL you have earned from your LP tokens, both the amount you have withdrawn unlocked and the accumulated amount you have locked in your account.

There are many other categories and functions that you can find in this application and that are under development, but these are the ones that I personally consider that can have more use and help to see all the information in a very clear and easy to understand way.

Next, I leave you with the other pages and applications that can also help you to know all the details of your account and transactions in DEFI Kingdoms:


I hope it has helped you to know more in detail all your account information and path in DEFI Kingdoms. Remember that, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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