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New Cryptocurrency Listings on KuCoin

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can know the new listings that will appear in KuCoin in a truthful and accurate way.

Let’s see how you can find out about the new cryptocurrencies that will be listed on KuCoin and take advantage of this. Since kucoin has become one of the leading exchanges worldwide, and when a cryptocurrency is listed, its price tends to go up.

So let’s see how to find out.

New Coins and Tokens

To find out the latest coins and tokens that are going to be added to their platform, the best way is to follow their twitter account where they inform about these new listings.

Another way is on their homepage, where there is a news section and here we can see if a cryptocurrency is going to be listed soon or if it has been listed previously.

One site that can be very useful for you is listingspy, where you can find new cryptocurrency listings among different platforms, both CEX and DEX. And among them is KuCoin as you can see below.

What this tool does is to search twitter accounts and other sources for information, so it uses public information and puts it together for convenience. So you will not have information before anyone else, but you will be able to see everything in an easier and faster way.

The best way is to follow the twitter account, and see all the new ones together with listingspy. However, keep in mind that you will hardly be able to know which cryptocurrency is going to be listed before it is public or already listed.

Platforms such as binance or kucoin, when they announce a cryptocurrency, it is usually listed at the same time, to avoid users buying before it is listed and take advantage of this. Therefore, in very few cases will you be able to see a new cryptocurrency being listed on KuCoin and buy before it is on the platform.

In addition to listingspy, you can find other Telegram channels or twitter accounts that are exclusively for listings of new cryptocurrencies on the major platforms, so it’s another option to keep an eye on it.


If you’ve arrived here, I’m guessing it’s because you’re keen to take advantage of the new listings appearing on KuCoin so you can make a profit. But there are several things to consider before you make any trades, or you could lose the amount you put in, or much of it.

A common misconception is that when a new cryptocurrency is listed you will be able to buy and sell in the first 5 minutes and make a profit. But the opposite is likely to be true. As you can see below and in several examples of new cryptocurrencies, in the first few minutes, their price skyrockets and can usually go up by a factor of 5 or 10. And while it is very tempting to think that you can buy when it is listed and sell at the top, the opposite is likely to be true.

This is because there are many bots on these types of platforms that take advantage of new listings to buy only on exit and sell when the price rises. And these bots are the ones that mainly generate this big price growth in the first few minutes, but after that you will see the price drop a lot.

And if you try to do it on your own without a bot, it is very likely that you will end up buying when the price is all the way up or very high, and sell when the price has already fallen. Because the bots are much faster and this will make you buy at a high price and the price will fall. So be very careful with this.

The only way to make a profit is to create a working bot that is one of the fastest to buy at the beginning of everything. If you buy the first few minutes, you will see that in less than 1 hour, the price will start to stabilise and drop a lot from its highest price. For example with REV3L, its price reached 0.05 USDT at its highest peak, and after the sharp rise by the bots when it was listed, it dropped to 0.02 USDT. And this is one example of many, which on several occasions has fallen 80% from its highest price from the bots. So if you buy the first few minutes, you may end up buying at the higher prices.

If you want to invest in this cryptocurrency, always wait 1 hour or the first 30 minutes for the price to stabilise and not end up buying very expensively at a price that will take a long time to reach that token again.

I hope this has helped you to understand how the new cryptocurrency listings work in KuCoin. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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