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How to summon new heroes in DEFI Kingdoms: Detailed step-by-step guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can summon new heroes in DEFI Kingdoms, and everything you should know to avoid making mistakes when doing it.

DEFI kingdoms has a similar mechanic to other games like Axie Infinity where you can create new heroes, joining two of them, with a limit of times for each hero, except those heroes of generation 0, which can summon new heroes without limit.

This is one of the main reasons for the high cost of the heroes of generation 0 compared to the heroes of the other generations. Let’s see those aspects that you should consider before summoning a hero, the cost and the possible benefits to get.

How it works

In order to summon a new hero, you will need to use two heroes to do so. Luckily, though, you can own a single hero, and rent a hero from someone else in order to summon a new character.

Each hero has a bar with the name summons, which is the amount of times you can summon. If, for example, you have 2/5 summons in summons, it means that this hero has already done 3 summons, and you only have 2 more summons left to do in that hero.

Therefore, always make sure that the heroes you want to use do not have 0 summons, or it will not be possible. You will not be able to use two heroes that are related. If you summon a new hero, you will not be able to use it with the two heroes that summoned it.

To be able to summon a new hero, we must go to portal. Here, click on summoner, get crystals, infuse crystal and here you must select the two heroes. Once you have selected the two heroes and paid the cost, you will receive a crystal that you must open in the arch druid, the other character for your new hero to appear. But first, let’s take a look at some other aspects to take into account.


One of the most important aspects of summoning new heroes is the cost. To summon a new hero, you must pay an amount of JEWEL, the platform’s native token, and DFKTEARS, usually 10 DFKTEARS per hero.

Actually the cost of the DFKTEARS is very low if we compare it with the amount of JEWEL it asks for and the price of these two cryptocurrencies. So really the most relevant cost you are going to find is the JEWEL.

The amount of JEWEL required depends on the generation of heroes you are going to use. Although in each generation there is a small variation of some JEWEL, the higher the generation of the hero, the more JEWEL it is going to ask you to summon a new hero.

Therefore, it is very difficult to assign a price to summon a new hero, as it can go from 60 JEWEL to 150 JEWEL or more if you use heroes from the last generations.

Fortunately, the game tells you the cost at all times, both on your heroes and if you rent a hero. You will be able to see the cost it has, both to rent and to summon using that hero and the total before making any transaction.

To see if it is profitable or worth it, my recommendation is to go to the tavern and see what types of heroes you can get for the price you are asked to summon a new hero. In many cases, it may be more profitable to buy a hero from the tavern rather than summoning a new one.

Choosing heroes

Before going into more detail on how summoning works in DEFI Kingdoms, it is worth mentioning that there are many random factors in this process, and so you can get lucky and get a hero that is more expensive in the tavern than it cost you to summon it, or the opposite. You can mix two rare heroes and get a common or uncommon hero. Therefore, it is important to note that there is an important factor of randomness when summoning new heroes.

We will not go into too much detail about all the details and possibilities when you summon, but simply highlight the most relevant aspects that you should keep in mind.

The first is generation. When you summon a new hero, it is always one generation older than the heroes you have used. If you use a hero of generation 1 and another of generation 2, your new hero will come out of generation 3.

The heroes of more generations are usually advanced classes, compared to the heroes of the first generations, which are basic heroes. Therefore, the cost to summon is more expensive with higher generations, but also the heroes you summon are rarer.

To get heroes of a particular rarity, you can see the following table. It indicates if you use two heroes of one rarity type, for example, common, what are the chances that your summon will come from each rarity.

If you use heroes with more level, you will have more chances that the summoned hero will have better characteristics in the most characteristic attributes of each class. For example, if you use a warrior, who has the best stats in strength and dexterity, the hero you summon can get better numbers in these attributes.

There are other more specific aspects to look at in each case, although these are the main ones that are most relevant when you want to summon. You can search if there are summoning simulators to see the different possibilities that exist, but the game has many aspects with great randomness, so it will depend on luck if you get a good hero or not.

Renting a Hero

Thanks to the rent a hero feature, you can use a single hero of your own and rent heroes from others to summon. This is a great feature and highly recommended, as often the heroes you have are not very compatible or you can find better options by paying very little JEWEL.

To do this, in infuse crystals, add your hero and click on hire a hero. Here you will be able to see the cost of renting and using that hero in the summoning. Thanks to the filters, you will be able to filter and find heroes compatible with your other hero to have the best chance of summoning a good hero.

Whether you are looking for heroes of the same generation, same class or same rarity, you will be able to rent a hero very similar to yours and thus improve your chances of summoning a good hero. Also, usually the cost of renting is quite cheap, except for those heroes that are more in demand and with more rarity.

I hope this has helped you to know more in detail how to summon new heroes in DEFI Kingdoms. Remember that, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

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