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How to safely buy MiniFlokiADA (MFLOKIADA)

In this post we are going to see how you can buy MiniFlokiADA without paying high commissions and in a simple and fast way. Currently, it is not listed in any or few exchanges, but you can get it through the DEFI pancakeswap exchange. If you don’t know how, let’s see it here step by step. 

If you want to know more in detail all the aspects of this cryptocurrency, later after seeing the step by step we are going to see what is MiniFlokiADA so you can know more about this cryptocurrency before buying it and know what you invest your money in. 

Where to buy MiniFlokiADA

To buy MiniFlokiADA, we are going to use Binance and the Metamask wallet, for me it is the best option, but you can also use other wallets if you don’t use metamask like trustwallet among other known wallets. Binance we are going to use it to buy BNB and USDT or the cryptocurrency you want, to exchange it for the MiniFlokiADA token and get this cryptocurrency finally.

Also, we will need BNB to pay for the network commissions. You can create an account with binance just below if you don’t have one yet to follow the steps. 

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


If you already have in your Binance Coin metamask wallet to pay for commissions, less than a dollar, you are simply going to have to go to pancakeswap, and copy the MiniFlokiADA contract in order to find the token. This can be found on Coingecko or coinmarketcap by searching for MiniFlokiADA or you can copy the contract from the Binance network just below:


With this contract, you will be able to find the token, in from to exchange it for the cryptocurrency you want in Pancakeswap. You can also add the token in metamask and be able to see the amount you have once purchased.

It is currently listed on the exchange, which you can create your account below and buy without using pancakeswap in a simpler way if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Min. Deposit: $10
License: Cysec

New cryptocurrencies (ICO’s)
Growing exchange


Step by step

Let’s see in detail how you can buy MiniFlokiADA. The first thing we are going to do is to log in Binance, if you don’t have an account you can create one here. With your account, you must make a deposit to have funds and be able to buy BNB. You can deposit funds with your credit card, to have the balance directly and without having to wait or bank transfer, although it will take a few days to be able to use it. 

With your first deposit, whether it is euros, dollars or another currency, you must go to markets, and look for your currency with respect to Binance coin (BNB). In my case, EUR/BNB. Here go to the red sell button, and exchange your currency, in my case euros, for BNB. We use BNB because the commissions on the Binance network are paid with this cryptocurrency, as happens with the Ethereum network with ETH. You can also buy USDT (Tether), but you should always have a small amount of BNB in your metamask wallet to pay for commissions, less than $1. With 10-15$ of BNB is enough for several transactions and not run out of BNB.

Once you have BNB, you must click on the cryptocurrency, and click on withdraw. Go to your metamask, and click on the address, you will see that an address is copied when you click on it. You must enter this address in Binance to withdraw your BNB from Binance to Metmask. It is very important to enter the BEP20 network, and the amount you want to withdraw. The commission is $0.80. Confirm that the information is correct and confirm the transaction with the codes. 

Open your metamask wallet, and if you have the Binance network configured, the amount of BNB you have transferred should appear in a few minutes. If you don’t have the Binance network configured, I recommend you to look up how to configure the Binance smart chain network in Metamask, so you can use it, without it, you won’t be able to buy MiniFlokiADA. It is very simple and you will only have to copy the parameters it tells you. 

With this done, we must go to pancakeswap. Here in from, we indicate BNB and to, the MiniFlokiADA token. If you look for it, you will not find it. In order to use it, you must copy the address of the contract and paste it. You can search for it in coingecko to see it, or you can copy it just below:


With this, the MiniFlokiADA token should appear so that you can exchange.

Before clicking on swap, you are going to have to go to the settings wheel, Slippage tolerance and set 12%. This is because this cryptocurrency charges a 10% commission, 5% is burned and 5% goes to people who hold MiniFlokiADA. So if you buy MiniFlokiADA, you’re going to see the amount you have increase just by having it in metamask.

With the 12% marked, just click on swap, and confirm in your metamask the transaction.

In case you can’t make the transaction and you get an error in pancakeswap, go up the slpping tolerance 1% each time until you can make the transaction. Due to volatility and liquidity, sometimes you have to raise the slipping tolerance higher than usual for the transaction to go through.

Now, you can go to your metamask, and add the token with the contract that you can find in coingecko or just above MiniFlokiADA to see the amount of cryptocurrencies reflected in your wallet and their value in $. With this, you will be able to have MiniFlokiADA and accumulate this cryptocurrency without doing anything else but waiting. If you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below to follow the steps we have seen. 

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


What is MINIFlokiADA?

When Mini

Floki meets


We bring you MiniFlokiAda.

MiniFlokiADA is the latest project that aims to pour wealth and only wealth. Bringing daily claimable passive income, loyalty rewards, integration with the NFT and contributes to the dog’s charity.

What is it all about?

Named after Elon’s new Shiba Inu puppy, Mini Floki is ready to shake up cryptocurrency with its ADA rewards. With the way each Floki token will pump every time Elon tweets about his new puppy and Cardano becoming a really solid platform since its Hard Fork launch, Mini Floki ADA will be the biggest innovation of Q4 2021.

Mini Floki ADA aims to create a community that can reap countless rewards while earning great passive income. Inspired to be a successful, community-driven, charitable project, Mini Floki ADA is poised to be your ultimate token moonshot.

MiniFlokiADA is spreading wealth to the community with huge ADA rewards! A huge allocation is going to the ADA Vault:

4% of every BUY transaction

6% of every SELL transaction

10% of each inter-portfolio transaction

ADA can be claimed every 24 hours

Claimable ADA comes from the same percentage of the ADA Vault corresponding to the amount of MFLOKIADA you own from the offer (P.S.: If you have 5% of the total supply of MFLOKIADA, then you can claim 5% ADA from the ADA Vault).

All holders share the same ADA Vault to claim their ADA, when the claim occurs the ADA pool will automatically shrink, and resulting in the ADA shares to decrease. Therefore, once your claim cycle arrives, be sure to claim your legitimate ADA as soon as possible.

Rewards for the top 100 holders

In addition to the ADA Vault that you can claim daily, you can also claim additional rewards for being the TOP 100 holders of $MFLOKIADA.

Top 100 rewards are filled with:

1.5% of each purchase transaction

1.5% of each sales transaction

Our goal is to incentivize all holders who trust and invest in us. This is intended to be a motivation for each holder to compete to be in the Top 100 holders of MFLOKIADA.

(PS: The claiming mechanism is the same as that of the ADA Vault).

NFT Collection

The first Meme Token with rewards and NFT integration long before the token launch. MiniFlokiADA is breaking the ordinary Meme-Token vibe by diving deep into the NFT market. We are launching 6 premiere NFTs and it’s a glimpse of what’s to come for the MiniFlokiADA project. The NFTs will be integrated into the Minigames we are developing. This feature allows the holder to have their own NFT where each character has their own special feature. This is HUGE for us and the preparation is maturing towards its final integration. The NFTs Marketplace for MiniFlokiADA will also fall later in the roadmap.


The next MiniFlokiADA mini-game has also started its development. Imagine a game where you can have a lot of fun while earning a lot too. YES! We are developing a Play2Earn mini-game called Mini Floki Rush: Treasure Hunt, it is our first mini-game that will be available on the website, IOS and Android, a Play-To-Earn game where you can stock up more of your $MFLOKIADA. This mini-game is our approach to reach more people and extend our influence to different communities. To promote MiniFlokiADA to the world by giving players access to play on their favorite platforms.

Join Mini FlokiADA and his gang on a fun treasure hunt adventure through the fantasy ADALand. With a swipe of your finger you can guide your character to run through obstacles and catch treasure along the way. The game stops when you hit an obstacle. Challenge yourself to get a world record score. There are different characters to choose from and each character is equipped with their own special powers. While you enjoy the thrill throughout MiniFloki Rush, you will also be able to claim your winnings in $MFLOKIADA every time you reach certain milestones in the game. At the same time, great prizes await you every time you climb the leaderboards on your way to the TOP 50 players. Challenge yourself in the exciting ADA Fantasy Land and be the best treasure hunter in Mini Floki Rush.



Our goal is to create wealth for our community and at the same time spread love for a greater cause. We strive to be the best project that supports and contributes to various Dog Charity around the world. Join our movement and help donate to different non-profit organizations for dogs around the world. Our community driven project pours 2% of the charity distribution and will be used to fund various charity drives.

We have been looking at various dog rescue charities around the world and have been in contact to do our first charity drive. Where we are aiming to donate $10,000 in total for the first charity, accordingly, each charity drive will be held monthly, at the end of each month. We donate because we really care, and we are proud to give it all to the community.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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