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How to Get Started in Crypto Mines From 0 | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see everything you need to know about crypto mines, one of the games that have become more popular due to the great growth it has had.

We are going to see how to get started, how the game works and the technique it has, and how much you can expect to win in crypto mines if the rewards and the price of its cryptocurrency, eternal, are maintained.

The game is quite similar to other farming and mining games, such as mobox or crypto zoo world but with some differences that make it quite sustainable in the long run.

What is Crypto Mines

Crypto mines is a game found in the binance Smart chain, where we can mine the cryptocurrency of the game Eternal by sending our workers to fight in different fields.

The game is currently in development like many others, but has the option to mine with your workers and ships. It is a space themed game, and has been released recently. The game is based on the ships that you can buy in the game, and the workers of the ships.

How it works

The game is currently based on attacking planets with your mining power, which you can get with your workers, and your workers go on expeditions to the planet. Each planet has a minimum mining power requirement, for example 100 MP. If you do not reach that mining power, you will not be able to attack that planet.

Each planet has rewards and a % of victory, so every day, you will not get rewards, because if you go to a planet with 70% success rate, 30% of the time you will lose and not get the reward. You can participate every day in an expedition.


The first thing we will need to start playing are ships, in spaceships. To do this, we will need to buy eternal, which you can buy in pancakeswap and exchange it for bnb or another cryptocurrency. Note that you will need BNB for transactions, so don’t use all your bnb to buy eternal.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


With eternal in your wallet, you can mine a ship, in mint spaceship for a price of 4.82 eternal, although it varies depending on the price of the token. If you click on mint spaceship, you will receive a ship randomly, with the following possibilities:

  • 1 star (44%)
  • 2 stars (35%)
  • 3 stars (15%)
  • 4 stars (5%)
  • 5 stars (1%)

Depending on the stars, you can have more workers on the ship, for example, in one star ships, you can only have 1 worker, with 2 stars two workers and so on until the 5 star ship with 5 workers per ship. As maximum you can have 10 ships, so it is something to take into account if you only have 1 star ships.


Workers are the other pillar of the game, and the one that will give us the mining power to get better rewards. Workers can be mined, but sometimes this option is not available, and you will have to buy your workers in the Marketplace, which we will see later. If you manage to mine a character, it can come out with the following possibilities:

  • 1 star (44%) (15-50 MP)
  • 2 stars (35%) (50-100MP)
  • 3 stars (15%) (100-150 MP)
  • 4 stars (5%) (150-200 MP)
  • 5 stars (200-255 MP)

As you can see, the mining power is variable, and depending on your luck, you can have a 1-star character with a similar mining power to a 2-star one if it comes out with a low mining power. The workers, apart from mining them, we will have to pay an amount of eternal to use them, every day or every week. This amount is variable, and it is a way to keep the cryptocurrency of the eternal game more stable.

Thus, you can only use the workers that you are really interested in and have the capacity in your ships. Also, if you have many workers, you can burn them and you will receive 20% of their cost, to avoid having to go to the Marketplace to sell them and see that there are already hundreds of workers before yours. This is an interesting mechanism, especially for workers with 1 or 2 stars, to prevent them from accumulating in the Marketplace.

With the hired workers, you will be able to go exploring the planet you want and get a good amount of eternals every day if you manage to win.


The Marketplace can be very interesting if you don’t want to mine and leave everything to chance, and you want to start with a good team. There, you can find ships for a lower price than mining if they are level 1 or 2, and somewhat more expensive but without the risk of receiving a bad ship in ships of 3 or more stars.

The same goes for workers, where you can go directly to select those with a better MP to get the mining power you need to attack the planet you have in mind. Here, you will find 1-star workers for very little, and the price goes up with the rarity of the workers. Actually for the price and results, it is best to go for 3 and 4 star ships and characters.

How much you can win

The game has really become so popular because of how quickly you can recoup your initial investment and the rise of its cryptocurrency, eternal from $0.70 to $4.00 currently. Although as always, it depends a lot on the token and rewards staying constant to see profitability.

Let’s take a look at an example to better illustrate what you can get, taking into account the cost and price of the token currently, and that it remains constant. This is an estimate, so you should use it as a reference and you can use your own data, or amount of investment you want to make, and the amount of MP or mining power you can get.

Before looking at the example, we are going to go with a small budget, but the game is thought that, the higher the investment, the faster you will be able to recover your investment and the more eternals you will be able to receive with respect to what you have spent. So it is important to keep this in mind.

With the current token price of 4$, and the prices you can find in the Marketplace we have bought:

  • 3-star ship 12 Eternals ($48).
  • 3-star worker 14.1 Eternals (57$) (107MP)
  • Worker 3 stars 14.1 Eternals (57$) (103MP)
  • 3-star worker 14.5 Eternals ($57) (108MP)

Total investment: $220 or 54.7 Eternals, and mining power of 318.

With this mining power, the planet we can attack is Pulmeron, with 84% win rate and 3.7 Eternals reward each day.

With this probability, we should win 25 days out of 30 in a month. 25X3.7= 92.5 eternals that we would get the first month playing. IF the price stays the same, that’s 370$.

In about 16-18 days, if we do not have very bad luck or very good luck, is the time it would take to recover the 54.7 eternals invested, and we could start to have a profit from the game.

Keep in mind, what we have commented, where many times it is in your interest to invest more, to get the return on your investment sooner, and to be able to get better rewards. If you look at the planets and the rewards, you will see that the rewards are not linear, but exponential with respect to the mining power. This means that you can earn much more if you have more mining power, and not only the amount equivalent to having more mining power.

I hope it has helped you to know more in detail the operation and the most important aspects of crypto mines. Remember, if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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