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How to get NFT’s seeds and Plants in PlantvsUndead

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see the different ways to get seeds and have your first NFT plant in the game.

After the new changes in PlantvsUndead update 2.5, we will need to have 1 NFT to be able to change our LE to PVU. And to have a better conversion ratio from LE to PVU, we will need 2 NFT’s in our account.

In this guide we are going to see the different ways to get a seed and have a plant NFT to be able to withdraw our LE to PVU and be able to get money out of the game whenever we want.


Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


The simplest way if you have capital to invest, is to buy a NFT in the Marketplace. In the Marketplace in plants, you will see listed different plants that other users sell and you can buy for PVU.

Although the prices vary, you can find a NFT plant for around 80-90 PVU the most economical and probably with worse stats. But still, if you have one or two, it will allow you to change LE to PVU. So if you have a lot of LE accumulated, it is an option to consider and you have money to invest.

Keep in mind that it depends a lot on the price of Pvu, but if it is similar to the current price around 11$, a NFT plant would be worth between 900$ approx. the cheapest one.

If you want to buy one, just go to the Marketplace, click on the plant you are interested in, click on buy, and confirm in your metamask wallet to have your NFT plant in your account.

Sapling seeds

Luckily, there is a free way to get one NFT plant or more and be able to change your LE to PVU with a good ratio. The game currently allows you to exchange 100 sapling seeds for one seed. This seed, if you open it, will give you a random NFT. So, you will need to get one seed or 100 saplings to get your first NFT.

And to have a better conversion ratio from LE to PVU, you will need two seeds or 200 saplings to get your two NFT’s plant.

The way to get sapling seeds is quite simple, currently there are two options, but keep in mind that the game is changing with updates and there may be new ways to get these sapling seeds. So I recommend you to always be aware of new updates, and join their telegram group.

Currently, we can buy a saplings seed for 100 LE, so we will need 10,000 LE to be able to get our first seed.

Luckily, they have added new ways to be able to get saplings seeds, with the world tree, where if you water it with a minimum of 20 waters, and you reach a certain number of waterings you are going to be able to get the following rewards:

  • Reward 1: 10LE + saplings seeds.
  • Reward 2: 15LE + 1 saplings seeds
  • Reward 3: 25LE + 2 saplings seeds
  • Reward 4: 1 box of sun + 2 saplings seeds
  • Reward 5: Each plant is automatically watered completely during the next day + 50LE + 4 sapling seeds
  • Reward 6: 4 saplings seeds (Only in the first week after the update)

Although we don’t know how long the world tree will last, if every day we get the 5 rewards, we will be getting 10 saplings seeds, so in 10 days, you can have your first seed. We do not take into account reward 6 because after the first week, it will no longer be available.

In the case of getting 10,000 LE with your plants, if you have the usual when you start and you have already got 5 saplings, and 1 Mama, you will be able to get 7,500 LE each month, taking into account what you will generate and subtracting what you will have to spend on the pot and seeds to plant again. So, in a month and 10 days, you should be able to get one seed or 100 saplings with what you generate by playing with your plants.

How to go from 100 sapling seeds to one seed

Once you have your sapling seeds at 100, you will see it in your saplings menu and you can click on it. There, you will see that you can change x100 saplings to a seed. Just click on confirm and confirm in your wallet, and you will have your seed to open it and get your first NFT.

Once you have your first NFT, you can go from LE to PVU, but remember that the ratio of having a single NFT plant is worse, although they have not yet made clear what it will be, as they have said it will be 300 LE = 1 PVU, and then changed it to 250 LE = 1 PVU, keep in mind that it may be worth saving the LE to get another seed, and to have a better conversion ratio of LE to PVU.

With two NFT plants or more, the ratio is 150 LE= 1PVU, although I always recommend you to go into their telegram and look for new updates to know what changes they will apply in the future.

I hope it has helped you to get your first seeds and be able to change your LE to PVU without problems. Remember that, if you don’t have an account with binance, just below you will be able to create one.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

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