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How To File Taxes If You Sold Crypto – Your Quick Guide For This Year!

There are many tools to help distinguish whether the money made on cryptocurrency is higher on the tax form as compared to the line for the wages. 

The Internal Revenue Service running on ancient technology does not stop it from getting its cut from the newfangled cryptocurrency winnings.

The IRS, last year, moved the question on whether you sold, exchanged, or “otherwise” dispose of any of the financial interest in virtual currency. This is now high up on the 1040 form, even above the list of your wages.

Filing Sold Cryptos – How Serious Is The Government? 

Just a few weeks back, President Biden had signed an executive order which raised the possibility of the central bank’s digital currency, and also the next day, driving the tax implications home. The I.R.S. announced two owners of the crypto company were sentenced to go to prison for their combined 8 years for tax evasion.

According to the Texas federal prosecutor – “Crypto actors are required to pay their tax shares just like the others.”

Adding on, the service providers are now starting to help the crypto enthusiasts with multiple software equivalent of shovels and picks.

Filling Taxes – Circumstances In Which You Need To Pay Taxes On Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are treated in quite a similar fashion as stocks or equities, which is from the tax perspective, where the capital gains apply when the cryptocurrency is disposed of. 

Let’s understand the same with an example,

If Sam bought a Bitcoin for 100 bucks and sold the same for 1,000, then that $900 is the capital gain income that must be reported on Sam’s taxes.

Similarly, if he earned that cryptocurrency via a job, then that is a taxable income as well, at the fair market value of the receiving point. 

For instance, if Sam got paid in Bitcoin on Feb 23, then the market value could be $40,000 of income, or whatsoever was the fair market value at the time he received it for his services.

Software For Filling Taxes On Sold Crypto – Why Does It Exist?

The cause of concern that is unique to cryptocurrencies which do not exist for equities is their fragmented data across multiple platforms. 

For instance, if Sam uses E-Trade to purchase and sell Tesla stock then everything happens via E-Trade and not elsewhere. Similarly, for the crypto user’s the transactions can take place across different wallets and different third parties.

This is where crypto tax software comes into the picture and exists to be a savior for crypto investors. A tax calculation software can help you calculate your crypto taxes, and also find ways to save money and trade smarter. With technology, all the data gets normalized and routed through the tax engines which can be generated with the click of a button for necessary capital gains, income reports, and capital losses.

Concluding Lines On The IRS And Their View On Cryptocurrency Filling

As for the IRS, they’ve been paying very close attention to the space of digital assets. They have the ability to look into the wheres and about on what’s happening and quickly increase their investment into that.


  1. What happens to the nonfungible tokens this year?

In case you purchased an NFT and then sold the same and it somehow disposed of or traded it, you would have realized capital gains on the asset’s fluctuation.

  1. What crypto transactions make the largest volume of entries in the software?

The most known is the spot market trades that buy and sell right on centralized crypto platforms such as Zenledger, Coinbase, etc.

  1. What fees do the crypto traders incur when purchasing or selling digital assets on exchanges or other platforms? Can it reduce the taxable gains?

If you buy Bitcoin on software, then it charges a fee of 3% which can be added to the basis of the asset purchased. 

For instance, if you purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin and also pay this $3 fee, then the basis in the Bitcoin would be $103. Therefore, when turned around and sold, it could be an advantage as the gain aren’t increased due to the higher basis.

  1. What if I use Bitcoin to purchase another cryptocurrency? Will I still be taxed on the gains seen from the initial investment?

Let’s assume you purchased an Ethereum for $1,000 and held it for a few months until it rips at $2,000 now. You might now want to buy stable coins and if it was at $1,000 when bought, you have then realized $1,000 in capital gains.

  1. Are evading taxes already tax lawyers specializing in crypt shelters or would it fall into the blockchain world?

Yes! There are many tax lawyers who carve a niche in the digital asset world and can for sure help with tax planning and tax avoidance. However, no one helps with tax evasion which is an illegal process. However, there are smart people around who can help reduce the taxes if proper planning is done.

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