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How to do STAKING with Huobi | Earn money with your cryptocurrencies

Welcome to this post, where we will see everything you need to know about staking in Huobi, how it works and the different opportunities it offers.

Huobi like many other exchanges, offers its users the possibility to stake their cryptocurrencies in exchange for an annual % and get a return for having your cryptocurrencies in Huobi. Without having to withdraw it to a wallet to use it in DEFI, or having to use another Exchange.

Let’s see what it can offer you and how to place your cryptocurrencies in Huobi’s staking.


Finance is where we will find the different staking options offered by this platform, and we can find different categories and sections that we will now see in more detail, although if you want to go directly to the main part, you can find it in huobi earn and see the most staking options offered by this platform. With that said, let’s start looking at each of them.


The first one we found is staking, where at the moment there are options to do staking of 6 different cryptocurrencies. I really do not understand why it is separated from huobi earn, since it is very similar to what we can find in this part. With the difference that in staking, we only find at the time of writing this 6 different cryptocurrencies.

At this moment, in staking you will be able to place your ZIL, ELF, LUNA, XPRT, SOL and CSPR. If you have any of these tokens and you want to staking them, you can do it here. To do so, click on stake now, indicate the amount, click on stake now and that’s it. You will have your cryptocurrencies generating an annual %. Look at delay, which is the time it will take to get your tokens back after you stop staking them. Some networks have this operation, where you will have to wait some time to receive your tokens after you stop staking them. It is a way to discourage you to stop staking. For example, in the case of Luna, you will have to wait 21 days to get your tokens back.

Prime Pool

Here, you can block your tokens for a certain period of time in exchange for receiving rewards from other tokens, known as airdrop. Although there are none available at the moment, if you are interested I recommend you keep an eye out for when a new opportunity appears.

We can go to new token list to see other previous airdrops. The operation is very similar to what Binance has with its BNB, where when they launch new projects, users who have blocked their tokens receive an airdrop for blocking it, and then you can withdraw your tokens.

You will be able to see the annual %, and the time you will have to block your tokens, either Bitcoin or other, which is usually 7 days to receive the airdrop. A very interesting option to get tokens for free by blocking them for only a small period of time.

Polkadot Slot Auction

In polkadot slot auction will allow you to participate in polkadot auctions, which have a similar operation to staking, but with some changes. We will not go into many details of its operation, as it can be somewhat complex for a new person.

We have seen how there are more and more platforms that offer polkadot auctions, and huobi is one of them, along with binance and kucoin among many others. Here, if you want to participate I recommend you first investigate well its operation and be clear about it, since you will have to block your tokens for 96 weeks, which is 2 years. So you better understand where you are placing your tokens, because you will not have access to them until after 2 years.

Huobi Earn

Let’s go to the main part and where you will find the most staking options in Huobi. In huobi earn we will go to prudent, as featured usually there are few options, although with high %. If you are interested in featured because of its high profitability, the operation is the same as prudent, which we will now see.

In prudent what we find is a longer list of cryptocurrencies that we can staking with them, where we can find the main and most popular ones. Relevant aspects here are to see which cryptocurrency it is, the APY or annual %, and the blocking period in days, as this will change the annual %.

Flexible means that you will be able to withdraw your staking cryptocurrencies at any time, and therefore receive a lower annual %. And the others are the different days that you can block your tokens, either usually 14 days, 30 or 90. You can see that in some tokens there is only the option of flexible or a few days in particular. What I recommend is to look at the annual % that they give in each case and see which option is best for you in each case.

Once you have decided, click on deposit now of the cryptocurrency you want to staking. Indicate the time, the amount and below you will see more detailed information. Check the box and click on next, check that all the information is correct and click on confirm to buy. This way, after the estimated time you will receive your tokens with the extra annual % in that cryptocurrency.

Other Alternatives

Finally, let’s see other alternatives for staking your cryptocurrencies. It is possible that in Huobi you do not have the option of staking the cryptocurrencies you have, or some of them. Or you may want to look for other options that can offer you better staking options and more profitability. Other good alternatives for staking your cryptocurrencies are:

  • Binance: The #1 exchange in the world and with many staking options, either flexible or blocked. Although you can find better annual % in some cryptocurrencies in other exchanges, Binance usually offers staking of most cryptocurrencies and good annual %.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


  • In the same way as binance, a centralized Exchange with very good staking options and great variety. I recommend you to create an account and look for cryptocurrency staking that you can’t find in Huobi or binance.

Min. Deposit: $10
License: Cysec

New cryptocurrencies (ICO’s)
Growing exchange


  • DEFI: If you are new, it can be a bit complex to staking in DEFI, but it is where you can get better returns using a wallet like metamask. Each cryptocurrency you can find staking on platforms in their network. If you are looking for platforms with many networks, I recommend looking at, autofarm, aave (borrow&Lending) and Curve, among many others.
  • Own Network: If they are the cryptocurrencies of a network, such as ethereum, Luna, BNB, Polkadot, ATOM, Avalanche, Polygon, Harmony and many more, they have staking options with a wallet that you can delegate to validators to do staking of your cryptocurrencies and usually get the highest annual %. Although each network has its own way, and I recommend you to find out how to staking with the network itself, as it is the safest and most profitable way that can possibly give you more profitability.

I hope it has helped you to know how Huobi’s staking works, and what alternatives you have in case you cannot find what you were looking for in Huobi. Remember, if you do not have an account with Huobi, or other platforms mentioned, just below you can create one.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

Deposit money on Huobi
Withdraw money on Huobi
Buy and Sell on Huobi
Futures in Huobi

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