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How to buy Avalanche (AVAX) safely

In this guide you will see how to buy Avalanche in a safe, easy and simple way. Using the best platform for it.

Also, afterwards you will be able to find more information about Avalanche and the project behind this cryptocurrency. In addition to a graph with the current price of Avalanche in real time, so you can know at all times its valuation in $. So stay with us until the end to find out how to buy this cryptocurrency in the best way, and all about this token.

Where to buy Avalanche

To buy Avalanche, the best option is to use the Binance platform. Although there are other exchanges where you can also buy Avalanche, Binance offers the best options and the largest variety of cryptocurrencies. 

If you don’t have an account with Binance, you can create one here. Now I leave you with a video, so you can see how to buy Avalanche in the best and easiest way, step by step, so you don’t have any doubts.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


Step by Step

To buy Avalanche, the first thing you need to do is to log in to your Binance account, deposit your funds, either Euro, USD or another currency. 


Once you have funds in your account, go to markets, and select your currency pair against USDT (Tether).

You will then be able to buy Avalanche. Once you choose the pair, you have to go to sell, and indicate the amount you want to exchange your currency for USDT, and then buy Avalanche. 

With the USDT bought, you can go back to the main menu to see that you already have them in your account and the order has been executed. Go back to the market, and look for the AVAX/USDT pair, and click on it. 

Here, you will see again the same buy and sell panel, where you have to go to buy, to exchange your USDT for the amount of Avalanche you want. Once you have chosen the amount, click on buy and you will have it.

If you go back to the dashboard, you can see how much Avalanche you have. Now, you can keep it in Binance to sell it whenever you want, or take it to a wallet for more security. 

The most popular digital wallet is Metamask, where you can withdraw your Avalanche from Binance to keep it in Metamask for more security. You can also use them in DEFI exchanges.

If you follow these steps, you can have AVAX in less than 5 minutes. Sign up with Binance today so you don’t miss your chance.

To summarize, the steps we have seen are as follows:

  • Login to Binance or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Deposit funds into your account (Card or wire transfer)
  • Use your deposited currency to buy USDT (in my case using the EUR/USDT pair)
  • Go to markets and search for AVAX to find AVAX/USDT pair
  • Go below and buy the amount you want by clicking on buy AVAX
  • Enjoy your new cryptocurrency

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies



In this guide, we have seen how you can buy Avalanche with Binance, but there are other platforms to buy this cryptocurrency. To find out where you can buy Avalanche, it is as simple as going to coingecko or coinmarketcap and search for the cryptocurrency.

Once there, click on markets, and you will see all the platforms that have this cryptocurrency listed. To save you time, you can see the main platforms in the image below. 

Currently there are no platforms focused solely on buying and selling cryptocurrencies where you can deposit funds with PayPal. Therefore, the only way to buy AVAX with PayPal is by using a platform that holds cryptocurrencies and other assets such as stocks.

The only platform we have been able to find with these features is eToro. That allows you to deposit funds using paypal, and subsequently you can buy Avalanche within the platform. If you don’t have an account with etoro, you can create one here.

Note that in etoro you will not be able to withdraw Avalanche from the platform, as it happens in cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance, KuCoin or Coinbase.

To sell Avalanche, it is really very simple. Just follow the same steps as we have seen when buying, but go to the red sell button.

Look for the AVAX/USDT pair, and click on it. Go down the center, and go to the red sell side. Indicate the amount you want to sell Avalanche and exchange for USDT. Click on sell and you are done. You will have sold your AVAX and you will have USDT again.

Now with the USDT, if you want you can exchange them for your currency and withdraw the money to your bank account, or use the USDT to buy another cryptocurrency.  

To withdraw Avalanche to your wallet, either in metamask or another wallet, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to wallet and wallet spot.
  • Search for AVAX and once you see it, click on withdraw
  • Now you will see the Binance withdrawal panel
  • Open your wallet, and copy the address where you will send your tokens. In metamask, by clicking above under the name, you can copy the wallet address.
  • Indicate the correct network where to send the tokens. It is the same network you use in the wallet.
  • Enter the amount and check all the information.
  • With everything correct, click on withdraw and confirm with the confirmation codes.
  • Your AVAX will be on its way to your wallet.

In case you still have doubts, you can visit here more detailed guide on how to withdraw funds in Binance.  

In case you want to withdraw your funds to another platform, for example from Binance to KuCoin, the process is the same as we have seen in the wallet, with one difference.

In the step of opening the wallet to copy the address, in this case we will have to open the platform where we want to send the tokens. Here, click on deposit, and select Avalanche. Select the network you want to use to send the cryptocurrency, and you will see the address to copy.

With the copied address, go back to Binance and paste it. Indicate the same network as in the other platform. The other steps are the same as we have seen when withdrawing to your wallet.

In case you still have doubts, you can visit here more detailed guide on how to withdraw funds in Binance.  

If you want to have your AVAX in the safest possible way, the best is to have them in a hardware wallet. In my case I use Ledger, and you can buy it here.

Ledger is the most used hardware wallet in the world and it will give you full control of your funds. It avoids the risk that they can hack the platform where you have your tokens, or even hack your computer and have access to your wallet. With a hardware wallet, without the physical object they will not be able to move your funds.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contract platform for decentralized applications.

Build fast, low-cost, Solidity-compliant dapps.

Launch Ethereum dapps that confirm transactions instantly and process thousands of transactions per second, far more than any current decentralized blockchain platform.

Launch custom, private and public blockchains.

Deploy blockchains that fit your own application needs. Build your own virtual machine and dictate exactly how the blockchain should work.

Scale to millions of validators with minimal hardware.

Stake, or blockchain, your AVAX to help process transactions and further secure the platform, providing security guarantees well above the 51% standard. You probably have the necessary hardware to join the platform.

Lowest costs to deploy contracts

Deploying smart contracts on Avalanche costs only a tenth of what it costs on Ethereum. High gas fees, front-running and other adverse effects of slow smart contract blockchains are now a thing of the past.

Flexible and composable virtual machines.

Avalanche virtual machines (VMs) allow developers to easily launch blockchains with a wide range of application-specific features. The Ethereum VM runs entirely on Avalanche with more VMs to come.

Easily transfer existing Ethereum assets.

Interoperability of blockchains is the future. The Avalanche Bridge (AB) allows for easy transfer of Avalanche and Ethereum assets between blockchains.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

DeFi is rapidly growing beyond the boundaries of a blockchain. Avalanche is fully compatible with Ethereum assets, applications and tools, with faster speeds, higher performance and lower fees

Asset Issuance

Automated market makers (AMMs).

Lending and borrowing

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

Institutions, corporations and governments

Avalanche is the best verifiable platform for institutions, enterprises and governments. Launch assets, build applications and create sub-networks with full control over their implementation with compliance, data security and other rule sets built into the foundation.

Asset issuance and trading

Debt financing

Digital identity

Document tracking

Digital collectibles

Coin your own digital collectibles in seconds for fees less than a penny. Digitally demonstrate ownership and streamline the value stream. Create and share artwork, collectibles and more with all the benefits and none of the hassle.


Certifications and licensing



AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche platform and is used to secure the network through staking, pay fees and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple subnets created on the Avalanche platform.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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