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How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Kraken

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Kraken in a simple, easy way and with low commissions.

In order to buy cryptocurrencies on kraken, you can do it directly with a payment method such as a credit or debit card.

With your account created, it is as simple as clicking on the button on the bottom right of the app, and click on buy or buy. Here you will be able to buy directly with money with your credit or debit card. Now, you must select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

Once you have selected this, the next thing to do is to indicate the amount. Click on review, and select the payment method in pay with. You can use Apple pay or your credit or debit card.

With the payment method indicated, slide down the button to confirm your order and confirm your payment. You will see a success message that the order has been executed, and the amount of the cryptocurrency you have purchased.

That’s how simple it is to buy using Apple pay or your debit card with kraken, with 3 simple steps.


To sell, click on the bottom right, but instead of buy or buy, click on sell or sell. We will indicate the cryptocurrency we want to sell, you can indicate the amount in cryptocurrencies or its value in euros.

In addition, you can indicate the % you want to sell below, or max if you want to sell everything you have. Indicate the amount, and you will see a panel similar to the one for buying, but this time selling. Confirm that all the information is correct, and slide to confirm your sale. Now, you will have your currency in your account, whether it is euros, dollars or another currency.

If you want to know how to withdraw your currency to your bank account, you can find a guide on our website on how to withdraw money from Kraken. Also, you can use your currency to buy back any cryptocurrency whenever you want.


Finally, we have the option to exchange or convert. It allows us to switch from one cryptocurrency to another easily and simply. Instead of buying again with your credit card or payment method, you can use cryptocurrencies you have to get another one that you may find more interesting.

 So, we will click again below right and convert. Here, in from we select the cryptocurrency we have and in you the one we want to get. You can indicate the percentage you want with the buttons below, or click on max to exchange everything. Indicate the amount, you will see the equivalent in your currency of the cryptocurrency you are going to exchange, click on review, and slide to confirm the transaction. In this simple way, you will have exchanged one cryptocurrency for another. And there will be no need to sell your cryptocurrency and then buy another one. This way, you save steps, and it is faster. Now in your balance, you will be able to see the new cryptocurrency you have exchanged.

I hope this has helped you to know more in detail how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies within Kraken. Remember, if you don’t have an account with kraken, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

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