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How much and how can you earn money in God’s Unchained?

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how much and how you can win playing God’s Unchained, a very different game to what we usually see in play to earn format.

If you are looking for what game can be better to be able to earn money playing, you may have come across this game, and we are going to see if God’s Unchained can be worth playing.

Although before, mention that God’s Unchained is really a game, and not like other play to earn games that are automatic games or that you only make a few clicks, and that you basically have to invest a large amount with the possibility of winning a lot as well, or losing what you have invested. In this case it is a game that has been around since 2018 and does not require a very high investment, you can even start without spending anything.

How you can win

God’s Unchained is a game somewhat different from what you find in the play to earn industry, where they offer very high returns. God’s Unchained being a game more focused on being fun and competitive, and not so much on offering high returns that are not sustainable in the medium to long term.

If you are not familiar with this game, you can find a beginner’s guide on our website to better understand it and how it works. It is a card game, very similar to magic and hearthstone. If you know either of these two games, you can get an idea of what God’s Unchained is like.

In this game, the idea is not to get directly a token that we can sell in an Exchange, but the main way to earn money playing is to get envelopes. We will open the envelopes to get cards that can be later sold on the Marketplace for ETH, USDC, or the cryptocurrency you want. They are sold through immutable X, a layer 2 in the Ethereum network that avoids the high commissions that this network has to sell your cards, which are NFT’s in its Marketplace. So you don’t have to worry about the cost of gas fees, because when using immutable X, there is no commission cost or gas fee.

The first way to obtain new packs and cards is by leveling up to the maximum level. In each level we will be given a pack to open. The other way to get packs is in tournaments in ranked mode. Like many games, it has a competitive mode and as you rank up you will get more packs at the end of each season or every so often they give out packs depending on the rank you have achieved. It will also depend on the number of victories you get, to receive more or less envelopes.

Finally, we have the special events, where we will receive the token of the platform, GODS. This token can then be sold in an Exchange such as KuCoin among others. This token still does not have a clear utility within the game, but we can get it by playing the game as a reward for playing. It is a way that gods unchained has to encourage new users to play and in each event the rewards will be different. But you can see it in gods token, claim if there is any active event and the distribution of the rewards in GODS for playing. Usually, the higher your rank and the more victories you get, the more GODS you will receive from the event. Although we could comment how much GODS you received in the last event, it is very likely that in future events the distribution will be different, and it will also depend on the price of the GODS token in each event to be distributed more or less of this token for playing.     

How much you can earn

Now that we have seen the different ways you can get rewards playing God’s Unchained, let’s take a look at what you can expect to earn, in relation to what we have seen and been able to get in the past.

Although before, mention that these are estimates and it is very likely to be different after a while, due to possible changes in the rewards, or the value of the envelopes and tokens that you get as a reward. Since it will depend entirely on the value you can get in $, the price of the cards you get in the booster packs.

Also, keep in mind that it is not a play to earn game designed to be very profitable and with a lot of risk. As it is a game that you can start for free, do not expect to get a lot of rewards when you start. In addition, you will have to dedicate several hours a day if you want to rank up and be competitive to access the best rewards, in the highest ranks. Although you can start playing for free, I recommend you to look at a deck with good cards and buy them if they have a low cost, to climb the first ranks more easily, by having better cards. 

You can expect to get the following when leveling up to the current maximum level. Level 25, 22 core packs, 2 epics and 1 coveted legendary pack. Around $50 in value of the cards you get and depending on your luck. 90 minutes per level with a win ratio of 60%.

What you can get in the weekend tournaments that you can play a maximum of 25 games is:

  • Win 25 games you get $175
  • Win 20 games you get 85%.         
  • Win 11-15 games and you get 10$.

These values are the equivalent in cards that you usually get, but keep in mind that it may vary and will depend on the luck of the cards you get from the booster packs. Even so, for only playing 25 games every weekend, it is a good amount and you will be able to participate 4 times a month.

You also have to consider the rewards in events that you will receive the GODS token during the time it lasts. Although being events that last 8 weeks and it is not known if there will be more in the future, it is difficult to estimate how much you will get in the events. So I recommend you to take it into account if you want to start playing, but do not calculate it as part of the benefits you can get until there is a new event or you can know how much you will get in the current event for participating and playing Gods Unchained.

I hope it has helped you to know how much you can earn and the different ways in God’s Unchained, a card game integrated with the play to earn function. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies

Beginner's guide to God's Unchained

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