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Bitsgap reviews

Bitsgap is a platform focused on trading cryptocurrency bots and has the integration of the main platforms for it, such as binance, kucoin, bybit and many more. Where you can use your bot that you have configured in a simple and easy way thanks to this platform.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and trading bots there are many scams, false expectations and lies. Therefore, it is very important to get the opinions of these platforms to know if they really work well or if they are a scam. And this is what we are going to see below, although I recommend you to read the final part of the article to know if it is really a scam or not.


We have collected the most relevant opinions so that you don’t have to read all of them and you can get an idea of the different opinions that users have of this platform.

Rohan Moxley (4/5)

bitsgap bots are great – I wish i had discovered this years ago.

Raj (5/5)

The support team at BitsGap are very supportive and get to answer query effectively and efficiently. I have been using this product for about 2 months and already made some profit and looking to upgrade in the near future.


Very helpful and amazing crew that will help with any technical issue regarding trading, exchanges,api’s etc.. within minutes!

MD (4/5)

Still learning. Good customer service.

Kyle Williams (5/5)

Great platform and amazing customer service!

Mag Trading (1/5)

When I started using BITSGAP, I bought the advanced pack which gave me both option Trailing Up and Trailing Down and both option were very efficient, especially trailing down when the market was going down, the robot still making profit, even in the bear market. But since many days they decided to remove the trailing down option and replaced by : buy the dip which is not working in the same way and not efficient at all. I am very disappointed because I paid for the advanced option in order to get both option trailing up and down. after they disabled the trailing down, they ask us to stop the robot and start it again with the buy the dip which make non-sense when you lose money due to market going down. I asked many times to the support to came back with the trailing down option and the only answer was : use buy the dip or we can gave you the pro package. I have introduced many people in BITSGAP but now we will leave as soon as the contract end. I am not the only one complaining…

Apparel Don (5/5)

Bitsgap is a very excellent website/platform for us to do crypto bot trading. I have been using bitsgap for more than one year and i highly, highly recommend it, truly. It is the top notch service provider with great customer service. It is constantly improving its service with new updates too.

Forrest Obnamia (5/5)

Bitsgap is very good at what they do. Excellent customer service, highly recommend if you need advanced crypto bot tech.

Tracy (5/5)

I am new to trading all together and I was having an issue moving my funds/coin from Binance US to bitsgap and Ksenia was fantastic! Made it so simple and broke it all down with screen shots!

Bram (5/5)

I really like this automatic trading bot. You pay what you get. When I wanted to start, I had my doubts on the reliability of this application, but their demo version gives you a nice insight in everything.

I recommend to try first with the demo version in order to get a better insight, so you don’t lose money by your own mistakes (which I have made myself).

Robert McGrath (5/5)

An excellent company with tremendous customer service! The software itself works quite well. If you ever have an issue, it is handled very quickly with an emphasis on customer satisfaction!!

Seafarer Juldin (1/5)

This company is becoming a scam now, they want to show green numbers to newbies in a down market (That’s why they invented BTD bots) and cancelled the Trailing Down feature which was a real deal.

In BTD bots they will change your profit currency to show fake profit in down market.

They were good until this moment. I will cancel their subscription. I know these newbies will get rekt by this scam company. Stay away from this scammers.

Newbies will think they are making profits but in reality they will lose their everything because of this BTD bots.

Luis Trinidad (1/5)

The bot is buying and selling at the same price (or selling lower in some cases) and i have lost $18k in 1 month from a $33k account, even the bot saying that i made $6500, still lost $18k… bitgaps did nothing about the issue and just offered 3 free months credit.

I think this is demandable.

Malyssa Spilker (5/5)

Very quick response when having API issues. They gave me some troubleshooting tips and I was able to get things worked out. Thank you.

How to detect scam platforms

My recommendation if you still have doubts is to see all the reviews you can find on trustpilot. And also look for videos or blogs that talk about this platform. Always bear in mind that they may have been encouraged to speak well of it, so always check what they say and do not take everything into account as an absolute certainty.

Trustpilot reviews are the most truthful thing you can find, although it should be noted that positive reviews can be created and thus make it appear that there are more positive than negative ones. We’re not saying this is the case with bitsgap, but it’s something to keep in mind. When looking at reviews, look for patterns such as the same text or names, so you can identify which reviews are possibly fake and which are from real users of the platform.

I hope it has helped you to know the opinions of different users who have used this platform. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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