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BinaryX Beginner’s Guide: Step by Step

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see the new BinaryX game, what options to play are available in the game, and the different aspects that you should know to start playing in the best way.

In this guide we are going to go over how the game works, and being a play to earn, currently how to monetize the game, the cost to start playing and everything you need to know.

How it works

The game is currently in development, however there are two options to play and get tokens from the platform in this game. But first, let’s take a look at what the game is about, and relevant aspects such as characters, stats and different aspects that are important to know.


The game currently does not have a Marketplace, and we can only recruit a hero for 1 BNX, the platform’s native token. This hero will appear randomly, both the stats and the classes. The 5 classes that we can find are:

Warrior: A brave and experienced soldier or fighter. A reliable protector of the team. They can equip all one or two-handed weapons, except wands. They can equip light or heavy shields and medium or heavy armor. They have the greatest strength and constitutional growth. They can protect teammates through taunt/guard skills.

Thieves or thieves: Attackers who are good with double-handed weapons can cause a lot of physical damage. They can equip all one-handed weapons, light shields, light armor or medium armor. They have the highest agility growth and are good at avoiding damage with a high probability. Stealing skills can also steal rare items and equipment for equipment. In addition to combat, thieves are versatile in life skills and can obtain many gold tokens through daily work.

Wizard or Mage: The master of the elements, in addition to inflicting significant elemental damage, can also inflict debuffs on the enemy. They can only equip staff and tunic, they cannot use shields or armor. They have the highest spirit and intelligence growth and are good at dealing AOE damage. The mage can also create magical equipment, enchant equipment and improve team combat abilities.

Knight: A fighter with a strong belief, possessing aura abilities can provide bonuses to equipment. They can equip all one-handed weapons except the staff, light or heavy shields, and medium or heavy armor. They have the highest attributes of constitution and spirit growth. Although their combat effectiveness is not strong, aura skills are indispensable to challenge advanced instances.

Archer or Ranger: Master archer, good at survival in the wild, good at giving opponents a killing blow with a bow, can lead the team to avoid traps. Can be equipped with crossbow weapons, cannot use shields, can be equipped with light or medium armor, balanced strength/agility/constitution development, is a dungeon adventuring and hero combat power player.


After the classes, each character has 6 different attributes, which can vary and it will depend on these attributes if your character is stronger or not. The attributes are as follows:

Strength: Strength represents the strength of a hero’s muscles. When using most types of physical damage weapons, strength will determine your attack power. When using two-handed weapons, you can get a higher strength damage bonus. In addition, heavy armor and heavy shields usually have minimum strength requirements.

Agility: Agility represents hand-eye coordination, physical flexibility, reaction and balancing ability. It is the most crucial attribute of thieves. Agility determines the character’s evasion ability. (Evasion ability will also be affected by the armor and shields equipped by the hero, see the battle rules section for details) In addition, some weapons with “dexterity” attributes will receive a damage bonus for agility. In addition, the agility attribute also determines the disadvantage when dual wielding weapons.

Constitution: Constitution represents health and stamina, the value of life, so physique is essential for all classes. In addition to health, constitution also determines a character’s chance of being affected by debuffs.

Intelligence: Intelligence represents a person’s ability to learn and think. Intelligence is the most important for the mage. Intelligence affects the number of spells the hero can cast, the difficulty of the opponent’s spell resistance, and spell damage. Wizard characters with high intelligence can learn more advanced types of spells and can deal more significant damage when casting the same spells.

Willpower: Willpower represents the hero’s resistance to injury and pain. In the game, the hero’s willpower determines the character’s resistance to physical damage.

Spirit:Spirit represents the strength of the hero’s spiritual power. A hero with strong mental power will take less magic damage. In addition, the spirit also affects the effects of knights and bards.

With this, you can now know how the different heroes work and the different options you can expect to find.

Before looking at other aspects, it is important to know the two tokens that the game has.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


BNX Token

Cyber Dragon governance tokens, BNX token holders can participate in community governance and voting rights in major game decisions. BNX token we will need it to be able to start playing, as well as for some specific in-game actions, adding real utility in your game, although mostly in-game use is going to use gold.



This is the main currency of the game. Gold is what we’re going to get in a game mode that we’ll look at later, as well as having a utility in the game. To level up your characters, you are going to need a certain amount of gold and to be able to participate in the adventure mode. So gold is the token that we will use within the game to play and upgrade our characters.


Recruit a Hero

To recruit a hero, we will have to pay a cost of 1 BNX, which at the current price is $180 approx. We can recruit up to 5 different heroes each day per wallet at most.

Once you recruit your hero, you will be able to find him in my hero. And you will receive one of the 5 classes randomly, in the same way as your character’s stats.

Leveling up your hero

Heroes, once you recruit them, start at level 1, and with gold, you can level up your character. For example, to go from level 1 to level 2, you will need 20,000 gold from the game, which you can farm with your heroes as we will see later, or buy it in pancakeswap. At the current price it is around 30$ to get 20.000 gold.

I’ll leave you an image so you can see the cost of leveling up your character and how much better it is.

Game modes

There are currently two game modes, the farming mode with your heroes and the adventure mode that was launched very recently.

Gold Mining

Here, you can put your heroes to work to get gold. The amount of gold is variable, depending on the market price in $, and the level of the character. In my experience at level 1, you can get around 200-300 gold daily.

To put your heroes into gold mining, click on part-time job if they are lvl 1, select your hero and confirm in your wallet. Once you have them working, you can click at any time on get rewards to get the gold in your wallet, and remove them from the part-time job to be able to use your hero in adventure mode.

If you level up your character to level 2, you can enter other gold mining, for example, a level 2 mage to scrollscribe, and get much more gold than with your level 1 hero. As you can see, there is one gold in part-time job, while, in the others, we find three gold coins.


In adventure you can fight against enemies, and get gold, a key and BNX. To be able to participate, if you have your hero in the part-time job you will have to take him out to have the hero available.

Click on goblin village which is currently the only one available, select the level, the role of your hero and your hero ID token. To access the adventure mode, you will have to pay an amount of gold, which is as follows:

Level 1= 2159

Level 2= 4313

Level 3= 8764

As you can see, it can be quite expensive to enter the adventure mode, at level 1 you would be paying 8-10$ per entry. You can make 3 entries per day per hero. Depending on the enemies you manage to defeat, which is played automatically, you will receive one reward or another. The reward can be gold, usually less than what it costs to enter, a key or key, which currently is not known its usefulness and BNX token, which is the native token of the platform.

Actually, from what I have seen, it is usually not very profitable until the usefulness of the key is known, or if you are lucky and get BNX, then you can get a good amount and have a benefit over what it costs to enter.

How much you can earn

The game is still in development, and if the minimum entry cost is around 22$ per hero, you can start with just one hero to see how it works.

With a level 1 hero, you can get between 200-300 gold per day, which at the current price, is 0.00187, or 0.45$ approx. Also, keep in mind that the price of gold will probably go up due to the game mechanics, as it has a real utility and you need it to level up and be able to participate in the adventure mode. Also, as time goes by, the ratio of gold mined is reduced, thus making there is less selling pressure. So, the mining camp part at level 1 is not very profitable. If the gold ratio is maintained and the price remains the same, it would take 45 days to recover the $22 invested.

Regarding the adventure mode, it has been launched so recently that not much is known. From what we have been able to see, you often receive less gold than you pay to enter, although you receive keys. Until we know the real utility and value of the key, we cannot say if it is profitable to play the adventure mode. Also, if you are going to play adventure mode, keep in mind that your hero’s stats are important. So if you want to pay for gold, use your best hero to get the best possible reward.

The positive part of the game is that you can start for very little, and see how it works, the rewards and if it convinces you as a game to invest more money. With only 22$ you can start with your first hero.

I hope it has helped you to know more in detail how it works and what you can expect to get playing binaryX. Remember that if you don’t have an account with Binance, you can create one just below.

Platform: Binance
Min. deposit: $10
License: Cysec

Very low commissions
Exchange with more cryptocurrencies


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